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Goji Cream - The new anti-wrinkle cream

Goji Cream - the New anti-wrinkle cream

Goji Cream it is a rejuvenating cream for the face of the company Hendel's Garden. Its effectiveness is due to the perfect balance between the natural components and the innovative developments in the field of cosmetology. The active component of the cream — juice of the goji berries. In a drop of the extract of the fruit of lycium contains more than twenty amino acids, vitamins C and E, iron, complex B vitamins and betaine. The product does not contain hormones and is absolutely safe. This is confirmed with the clinical trials and granted the certificates of quality control.

The use of juice of fresh berries lycium — the innovative technique, aimed at preventing the aging of the skin. Before the onset of Goji Cream the berries were used in the cosmetology only in the drying. However, therefore, have lost most of their useful properties. For example, a high content of vitamin C, which fresh fruits of lycium 500 times more than oranges. This gives the epidermis maximum power and fed their vitamins.

During the use of the cream does not feel any discomfort — it is well absorbed and does not sit on the skin. By the hydration effect is visible after the first application. After the proper recovery of the water balance of the skin becomes smoother, eliminates the flaking and red spots, narrow pores. This allows all active components of the cream is absorbed quickly and begin to influence the epidermis. After a few days you will notice how the age and the wrinkles of expression will begin to flatten. This fast effect is due to the presence of betaine — substance verification water and as a catalyst for the regeneration of cells.

The price Goji Cream in an order of magnitude lower than in the complex treatment of funds. Just need a pot of this cream in place of the usual set of three to five products of the cosmetic line anti-aging. You can forget to visit classrooms and booths for aesthetic treatments — just use the cream.

The principle of action Goji Cream

Principle of operation the Goji Cream

To achieve this spectacular rejuvenating effect Goji Cream of Hendel's Garden allows the unique composition. Each component plays an important role in the process of recovery and renewal of the skin. The aging of the epidermis occurs at the expense of the reduction of the production of collagen — the cable of the protein, which provides the skin with elasticity. The loss of moisture and the lack of vitamins promotes the flaking, appearance of red spots and deepening wrinkles. All of this of the key aspects of the aging of the epidermis.

Goji Cream actively fighting and cure all of these unpleasant changes of age. It is much more skraba and massage, since this type of activities are fighting only with the consequences. Goji Cream the same affects the cause of aging.

The amino acids contained in the goji berries, they retain necessary the epidermis liquid. Thanks to this, the skin younger-looking and fresh. The effect of the hydration is maintained day after the application of the tool. Betaine and hyaluronic acid, stimulate the production of new molecules of collagen and elastin. In this case, both active in the component to protect against the destruction of the useful for skin substances that our body produces independently.

It is worth mentioning antioxidant complex Goji Cream: serves to protect the garments of the negative influence from the outside. Bad environment, air pollution, heavy water, sunburn — all this negatively affects the external appearance of the epidermis. The antioxidants of the goji berry derived from an organism all the "trash" and reduces the amount of free radicals. Precisely, free radical decrease the metabolic processes and disturb the skin to recover from the pollution of the air or ultraviolet light.

The positive effect Goji Cream

The positive effect of Goji Cream

The effect of the application of the cream shines through the day. Its regular application allows you to achieve results like this:

Exit to the street, you can be sure that the cream will protect you from the adverse effects on the external environment. While you are staying in a region with a bad ecological situation or subjected to continuous exposure to the sun's rays, you and your skin, anyway is going to shine. It is not terrible and the stress of the consequences of the struggle of the antioxidants!

The composition of the Goji Cream

It is worth noting, that in Goji Cream does not contain hormones, dyes and preservatives. It is a natural product, which does not cause any fear:

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The delivery of Goji Cream

Our website allows you to book Goji Cream (Hendel's Gardenwith the delivery. In large cities, the delivery is made in the course of a few days. Sending e-mail to other regions of 7 to 14 days from receipt of the order. To clarify the term of delivery, leave your number on the order form — a consultant will call you back to clarify all the details.

Only the Goji Cream (Hendel's Garden)

Buy Goji Cream in the original, it may be that only we have the our official site of the application of this cream ensures that you could buy this Goji Cream. We are not responsible for products purchased from other resources. And we cannot guarantee the originality of the same creams, purchased at third party sites. In our website the price Goji Cream corresponds to the declared — you pay exactly as much as indicated on the site.

Review of the medical

The doctor The dermatologist Francesco Francesco
The dermatologist
The experience of:
15 years

The doctors of our specialty in italy, you are often faced with patients worried about the wilting, premature of the skin. This is related to the ecological situation and high levels of stress characteristic for the rhythm of life of modern man. For a look that's young and healthy, it is not enough simply to exercise and eat well. It is important to be able to cope with the stress, as he is the main cause of premature aging and the appearance of deep wrinkles. Not all people have the possibility of devoting time to rest or do sports. This does not mean that the man must resign himself to his appearance, and let everything follow its course. A good care of your skin with the help of modern cosmetics is the output.

As a doctor, I can confirm the beneficial effects of the extract of goji berries in the skin of the face and neck. In them, in fact, contains a huge amount of vitamins and trace elements that are not acting on the body along with the food. In support of the Goji Cream of hendel's garden I want to highlight the presence of betaine and hyaluronic acid — it is a long time that it has been scientifically proven that these substances contribute to the formulation of collagen and elastin. It is precisely these proteins are responsible for firmness, elasticity and youth of the skin.

Use Goji Cream you need instructions in a strict sense. And if you already had some kind of major issues with the skin (fungal, psoriasis, frequent hives), before using the tool it is necessary to consult with the doctor. In the composition of the cream, there is no type of preservatives are dangerous, it is the ideal choice for allergy sufferers. This tool is an excellent replacement for expensive injections and surgical. Goji Cream it not only allows you to slow down the processes of aging and improve the skin's appearance, help you to deal with the consequences of bad ecology.