Massage rejuvenating facial: useful information about the procedure

Body massage practiced by many. But why not think, that this procedure can have a similar effect and in the face. The maintenance of the tonicity of the muscles and of the skin — effective protection against aging. The massage can be performed independently, saving on the cabin air filters cosmetic procedures and expensive products for the care of the person. But first, you should familiarize yourself with the technique of their execution — clumsy steps will be, at best, useless and can cause significant damage.

the facial massage anti-wrinkle

General information about the massage of the face wrinkles

The state of the skin of a person depends on many factors. She is the one who suffers more of the bad ecology, poor-quality or ill-fitting cosmetics, a breach of the rules of hygiene. For many of why something is evident, that the muscles of your body for the maintenance of a tone in need of regular training, and the person in this sense, few people think. In short, of the skin, that no longer is able to keep the muscles, sags, the oval of the face ""fleet", form deep wrinkles.

The effectiveness of massage therapy for rejuvenation of the face obey the following:

  • muscles, regularly receive the load of work, they remain constantly in tone to disappear the swelling, the sagging of the skin;
  • improves the flow of blood and lymph, as a result of supply of the skin of oxygen and nutrients;
  • it enables the development of a body's own collagen and elastin, which provide elasticity of the skin, stimulates the process of regeneration of tissues;
  • in the process of the skin is relaxed, smooth the small lines of expression, wrinkles;
  • it normalizes the functioning of sebaceous glands, disappear inflammation, pimples, blackheads.

In consequence, the outline of the face becomes visibly more clear, the color of the skin improves, you get a shine, returns tone and elasticity. The positive effect is visible already in 2-3 weeks, if you do a massage every day. In the future, for the prevention, enough to pass with an interval of 3-4 days.

Correct, facial massage, in principle, can not hurt. It is like a diary of the morning load. And the massage of wrinkles, you can carry out by himself, saving on visits to the beautician. The procedure takes no more than 15-20 minutes. She has a "side" effect of the relaxation — normalizes sleep, mood. After the remarkable improvement of the appearance, lost in the complex, the psychological discomfort. The procedure has no age limit.

Of course, remember that this is not the panacea. Even professionally carried out massage will not help to recover the youth, if you do not combine it with a diet, a healthy lifestyle, the abandonment of harmful habits, the proper care of the person.

Scientifically, it has been shown that 20 minutes of massage of the face, affecting the muscles of the same relaxing impact as 4-5 hours of good healthy sleep habits.

massage for the face indications

Who shows massage

The facial massage aestheticians recommend in the following cases:

  • slow, flabby skin that has lost elasticity;
  • it is not natural for dark yellowish or grayish color of the face;
  • the small lines of expression and wrinkles and folds;
  • the second chin, "bulldog" cheeks;
  • clear the contours of the face;
  • disorders of skin, appearance of brown spots and stagnant spots, acne marks, acne;
  • the swelling and bruising under the eyes;
  • "the movement", increased the fat or the dehydration of the skin, expresses the pores;
  • discomfort after certain aesthetic treatments (eg, botox injections).

Contraindications and possible adverse effects

Despite the obvious benefit of a facial massage, he, like any aesthetic procedure has contraindications. You will have to find alternative ways of rejuvenation in the following cases:

  • any type of skin diseases (eczema, herpes, acne), mechanical damage, allergic manifestations;
  • the presence of large moles, alopecia, warts;
  • poor clotting of the blood and of the permanent necessity of reception of thinning of your medications.
  • located too close to the surface of the skin or too fragile capillaries;
  • the increase of the temperature of the body;
  • problems with the heart, the kidneys, the liver;
  • oncology services of the disease at any stage of development;
  • any chronic disease in the stage of sharpening;
  • the problem with the facial nerves, any neurological disease, accompanied by seizures;
  • the increase of the intracranial pressure;
  • the recent (over a month) the realization of a deep chemical peel, any aesthetic of the injection;
  • scars after any surgical intervention.

The complications are manifested only in the case of a bad procedure. For example, as a result of too strong tightening of the skin may be even more the SAG. The most serious negative consequences — violation of the circulation of the blood, the defeat of the facial nerve.

preparation of face to the procedure of

The preparation of the person in the procedure and security measures

Preparation of procedures help to improve the efficiency rejuvenating massage of the face:

  • Clean the face of cosmetics decorative, open completely, eliminating the hair.
  • Half an hour before the procedure to warm up the skin with the help of steam from the hot bath, or a compress. In place of running water can be used decoctions of medicinal herbs.
  • Wash your hands carefully, to treat antiseptic. It is also desirable to short-cut the nails, to avoid scratching the skin.
  • Apply a cream or a massage oil.
  • Relax, calm down. Even unintentionally, trailers, muscles reduce to nothing all the positive effect.

To perform the massage of strictly following the lines of flow of the lymph. Random the random impact can only increase wrinkles, cause the development of edema. All manipulations are performed without excessive pressure, gently and with care. This applies especially to the area of the eyelids. When you change from one line to another, are required in a circular motion and light at the same time with the fingers on the temples — is "the site" of the processes of change.

The direction of massage lines:

  • from the center of the chin along the lower part of the jaw to the temples;
  • the center of the lower lip towards the temples;
  • of the corners of the mouth through the cheek toward the temples;
  • since the area of the "third eye" to the temples;
  • in the lower part and the upper edge of the orbit of the eye from the inside of the eyelid toward the temples;
  • the tip of the nose up by the bridge of the nose and the eyebrows towards the temples.

The different types and techniques of massage

Methods and techniques of massage developed by a large crowd. It is best not to immediately grasp for a thing, and try several methods, determining the most effective. It will be useful to consult with the cosmetlogo and listen to his opinion. Taking into account the age of the customer, the state of the skin, the magnitude of the problem and other factors.

The massage around the eyes

In the centuries thinner the skin, the fat layer under the almost non-existent, the capillaries are very close to the surface. To perform the massage must be taken special care of the skin is easy to pull. The movement of the fingers should be soft and tender. For the prevention of procedure happen constantly, every 3-4 days. If you have expressed problems long course in a month, once every two days. The courses are repeated through 3-5 months. In consequence, disappear the bruising under the eyes, the eyelids (especially cantilevered upper) will go up, eyes open".

In the framework of the preparation of a useful procedure to stimulate the blood circulation of the contrast of the pack. To face between 5-10 seconds approaching towels, soaked in hot and cold water, closing the area of the cheeks to mid-forehead.

The best time for the massage 2 or 3 hours before bedtime. The contraindications are permanent highly expressed swelling (explicit testimony of serious health problems), the high fat content of the skin.

the facelift massage

Massage, to the stretching of the oval of the face

Depending on the severity of the problems to the contour of the face are more clear, it is recommended classic (compatible with the tone of the skin, strengthens muscles), relaxation (relieves muscle tension), lymphatic drainage (removes excess fluid, eliminating swelling) or myofascial (softens the skin, eliminates deep wrinkles and folds) massage.

In the home can be carried out exclusively classic massage. Enough to return to the skin the elasticity and healthy color. At the same time disappear under-eye puffiness, smoothes the micro embossing (you lose the small wrinkles, small spots, redness), it returns a flush of natural. The duration of the course is 10 to 12 procedures once in 2-3 days. Followed by two weeks of rest.

The massage of the area above the upper lip

The appearance of deep wrinkles around the lips is the result of overly active facial expressions. Forget about habits too hard to compress, if possible, save in the face of a slight smile. Very negative impact on the skin around the lips from smoking and the tobacco smoke, and the efforts made to make the squeeze.

It is not worth smoothing out wrinkles on the lip, as if iron — it is manifest even stronger. In addition to relaxing during the day, it is useful to give lips a position to pull tube, forming an arc, and so on. And in the morning and in the evening — tracing the outline of the lips. the ice bucket of drinking water, the infusion of herb or juice.

As a result of massage outline of the lips is returned to the clarity, the skin is moistened, it will visually become fleshy. Smoothed the fine wrinkles, rises, falls corners.

Massage of the eyebrow wrinkles

Vertical wrinkle between the eyebrows often manifests itself very early, even before the age of 30. This is a consequence of the habits of the frequency of frown. Wrinkle quite deep, therefore, the effect of a massage, did not manifest itself immediately. To accelerate the positive changes, after an hour of massage to apply in the crease of the vitamin c solution and the tape is your band-aid". Leave it overnight, remove in the morning.

More and more, realizing that you frowned, lift the eyebrow up, pretending surprise, and hold in vertical position for at least a minute, until you notice a slight burning sensation. It is very effective, in addition to regular massage.

The massage of the expression wrinkles around the mouth

Circular muscle of the mouth is one of the "concerned" face. This is due to the less speech. So massage this area is vital, not only when it is already clearly visible wrinkles, but also for prevention. In addition, it is useful to all the days to wash in cold water for at least a minute.

The first results of massage manifest quickly enough, through 2-3 weeks of daily procedures. The most visible effect of that wait 4 to 5 months. Very good after a massage in the area around the lips masks, nourishing and creams.

How to choose and use the massager

Massager facial — simple and effective device that you can use at home. In the stores presented in a wide range. Massager are:

the selection of massager facial
  • Mechanical (even jade). They are extremely easy to use, cheap. The device only needs to be taken by the lines of massage. In these devices, the effect is enhanced by its healing properties and the energy of the stone. Contraindications do not have.
  • Ultrasound. The result is achieved by the exposure to the skin of high-frequency vibrations. Massager gives explicit lifting effect, helps to balance the color of the skin, stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. But their effects on the skin some causes unpleasant sensations.
  • Pulse. Acts by microcurrents. This procedure is very popular among the professionals of the aesthetic. As a general rule, the appliance has multiple modes, this depends on the result. You can tighten the oval of the face, return the skin elasticity, clean, get rid of the imperfections, activate the regeneration of tissues at the cellular level and your power, reduce pores.
  • Pulse massager is a multifunctional device, that allows to achieve different results
  • Of oxygen. Emitted particles with negative charge, contributing to the oxygen saturation of the skin, stimulates the metabolism, the blood stream. Finally, the skin is smoothed, returns elasticity, improves color of the face. The effect is visible immediately. This type of device is essential, for example, before an important activity.
  • Vacuum. Due to the lack of air creates a negative pressure. Effectively cleans pores, firms the oval of the face, at the same time "start" the regeneration process of the cells. Has a long list of contraindications — any disease and mechanical damage of the skin, the cuperosis and so on.
  • Ir. Thank you deeply affected, it is an effect not only on the surface, but also in the layers of the skin. The muscles are stimulated intensely, but very gently. The right instrument to fight against edema and bruising under the eyes. It also helps to get rid of the imperfections, intensify the flow of blood and lymph.
  • The laser. It is especially recommended for the fight with pronounced age-related changes. Wavelength of the active radiation all processes in the tissues, including the supply of oxygen, the production of hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin. Just a few sessions, wrinkles are visibly smoothed, the oval became the tighter. In the home applies quite rare, it is requested mainly by professional cosmetologists

Each device must necessarily be accompanied by an instruction manual detailed. Before you begin the massage, make sure you explore and make sure that everything is clear. The movements should be soft, do not stretch the skin until the pain. First, it is sufficient that incorporates both session and, then, its duration gradually increases from 10 to 15 minutes. Not a single part is not subjected to a continuous exposure to more than a minute.

The procedure happen once in 2-3 days, for the prevention of once. The presence explicit of the problems of the duration of the course is 15-20 procedures, then a pause of a month.

The facial massage along with the powerful the skin care very effective for the prevention of aging. There are several methods and forms of its realization. Empirically it can pick up the one that will give you the best result. If there is no confidence in their own forces, the first 2-3 times of the procedure it is better to spend in the classroom, to make sure you understand the methodology and in the future will not hurt you.