The patch of wrinkles, types and modes of use

The patch of wrinkles is a great alternative to botox and other injections. The patch, as punctures, relaxes the muscles, prevents their reduction, but, unlike Botox it acts mechanically, and does not cause damage to the health.

The appearance of wrinkles, contributes to several major factors:

The application of patch
  • the decreased production of collagen;
  • the loss of moisture;
  • the impact of negative factors (bad habits, the environmental factor);
  • the bad food and the other.

The first wrinkles of expression sometimes appear in young women (20-25 years). The reason lies in excessive emotionality and movements. The mobility of the muscles of the face, with the time, leads to the appearance of the first wrinkles.

There are a large number of methods to combat wrinkles. The use of a patch to correct age changes of the epidermis may seem like a novelty. But this method to prevent wrinkles was used in the ancient times. Young girls of the expenses of the front of the patches, so they could not grimace. Many women have discovered the high effectiveness of the application in the struggle for the youth.

As a patch helps to get rid of wrinkles

The patches for the face of wrinkles can be purchased in the internet stores and regular pharmacies. But some women do not dare to buy, because they don't understand how it works. The principle of operation of this method is very simple.

The main cause of the wrinkles of expression consists in the excessive mobility of the muscles of the face. When the patch is pasted on the problems of the area, fixed the position of the muscles and prevents them from moving. With the front glued hard to reduce the eyebrows. Thanks to this, the muscles will relax and assume the correct position. As a result of the wrinkles spread (small almost immediately, but from a deep need of the hour).

The patches of wrinkles on the forehead and the bridge of the nose

The variety of patches anti-wrinkle

In pharmacies they sell the patches special for the fight against wrinkles.

Sometimes, women use the regular patches, but this should be done with extreme caution. Each variety has its own characteristics.

The most popular of the patches from the american manufacturer, as they are an effective way to get rid of the expression wrinkles. Correct use gives the chance to get rid of the small and deep grooves in the skin. The course of recovery of the smoothness of the skin depends on the state of the skin and depth of wrinkles. To smooth small wrinkles enough 2-3 procedures, and here to get rid of the strong points of the signs of aging, you will need around 2 weeks.

The patches have many advantages:

  • they are easy to use;
  • visible results after the first procedure;
  • insurance;
  • are used for different areas of the face;
  • an affordable price.

For their production, we use unbleached kraft paper and adhesive base of starch.

This method of removing wrinkles never causes side effects, skin irritation and other unpleasant consequences.

Can stick in the forehead, the area around the lips, and so on. To combat wrinkles around the eyes, the tool is recommended to set on the temporal part of the person since the epidermis around the eyes is very sensitive and thin, it can easily be damaged.

How to apply the patches?

In the use of this method against wrinkles, there is nothing difficult. The whole procedure is reduced to a few simple actions:

  1. Wipe the facial skin with the help of special tools. Prior to the immobilization of "bandages", apply a moisturizing cream. Wait until the cream penetrates.
  2. The fingers easily gently massage problematic for the area, to relax the muscles and improve circulation.
  3. Remove the patch from the protective film and lightly dampen with water.
  4. Lightly smooth out the wrinkles (do not tighten the skin) and paste "support muscles".
  5. Pass several times with a cotton towel or a disk, so that it is stuck.
  6. After a period of time, remove the patch, but first moisten with water. Do not delete your force, as this will stretch the skin even more.
The eye patch

It is important to apply the patch throughout the length of the wrinkles. If necessary, use several pieces. The alignment procedure of the wrinkles should last no less than 3 hours. If you have deep wrinkles, strengthen the patch in the evening. Repeat the procedure every day.

In the account of japanese aesthetics there is also a unique development. Main feature is the base of aqua-metal – the combination of noble metal with the water. When you use the patch to relax the muscles of the face and wrinkles smoothed.

The patch can be used for wrinkles under the eyes and above the eyes, unlike other types of such products. Thanks to the combination of particles of metal (gold, titanium, silver and so on) with water, without damaging the delicate skin around the eyes.

The use of this kind of patches did not differ from the one described, of the instruction. Paste the photo due to straightening the wrinkles, pre-cleaning of the face. The duration of the procedure and of course in general depends on the state of the epidermis.

When the purchase and the application of patches, it is important to keep in mind that they are different depending on the area of application (for the lips, the forehead, around the eyes, and so on). When removing the patch do not try to remove the nails. Moisten and remove with care, it does not extend to the skin.

The application of regular patches

To combat wrinkles, women use all methods available. Some of the representatives of the beautiful sex to eliminate the signs of aging apply normal patch. If you want to try by yourself this method, do it in the following order:

  1. Before the procedure to cleanse your face. It is preferable to use special cosmetics (lotions, scrubs, and so on).
  2. Be sure to apply a moisturizer with a thin layer. Wait until it will be absorbed, but not dry completely.
  3. The patch for the eyelids and the cheeks
  4. Normal patch cut in small pieces. Paste on the problem areas previously with the fingers having wrinkles.
  5. A light massage problematic for the area of the tip of the fingers before the immobilization of improving the circulation of the blood.
  6. Through a couple of hours, carefully remove the "dressing", so as not to damage the skin of the water.

If after removing the skin patch were footprints, do not worry, after a couple of minutes alone, to disappear. Normal patch banned the use of the wrinkles around the eyes, and here in the front, with security can be solvent.

The specialists do not recommend the use of this method more than once or twice a month. The skin under the "sticker" does not breathe, therefore, more common procedures can hurt more than solve the problem.

The feature of using the patch of wrinkles consists in the relaxation of the muscles of the face, which helps to soften the muscles. Like the regular use of cosmetic products the muscles of the face and memorize the correct position, which prevents the appearance of new signs of aging. This method of fight against wrinkles is safe, if you follow the application instructions.