How to clean the nasolabial folds in the home

Any women of absolutely any age I want to be attractive, however, win the victory over the age impossible, because the wrinkles, unfortunately, sooner or later will appear. More ugly "symptom" of the changes of age are considered nasolabial wrinkles. Unfortunately, it can occur not only in older ladies, but you and the girls. Before you reduce the nasolabial folds at home or in the clinic, what you need to know about the causes of its appearance.

The nasolabial folds
  • The main causes of
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  • How to fix at home
  • The gelatin mask
  • The mask with the addition of laurel
  • Herbal compresses
  • >The effectiveness of the cosmetic and gymnastics
  • Massage against the throat in the form of wrinkles
  • Prevention measures

The main causes of

Some speculate that the nasolabial folds are facial wrinkles, but not only age changes of an organism can lead to its appearance, there are other reasons:

  1. Quite often the girl, trying to get rid of those extra pounds notice the appearance of the throat in the form of wrinkles on your face. This is due to the fact that the intense reset the weight of the subcutaneous fat layer becomes less, and the epidermis simply do not have the time to adapt to such changes. Because in places where not long ago they were chubby cheeks, the skin begins to SAG.
  2. In the epidermis of the influence and the external conditions. The bad ecological situation, differences of temperature, exposure to uv rays and the wind all this affects the health of the skin of adverse effects.
  3. Inheritance is another common cause of the appearance of the throat in the form of folds.
  4. The consumption of alcoholic beverages and smoking can also lead to the occurrence of this problem.
  5. The cabin air services
  6. The first wrinkles can be caused and the rest "face in the pillow." To sleep better, lying on your side.
  7. Incorrect or untimely care of the person can also cause formation of throat in the form of wrinkles. For example, the excessive stretching of the skin during the massage, or the excess application of cosmetics.
  8. The emergence of the throat in the form of folds, can be the consequence of dehydration. At night the adult body requires no less than a year and a half of litres of water.
  9. The huge value they have and the anatomical features of the skull and face. A malocclusion or protruding into the cheeks can be a cause of the formation of the throat in the form of wrinkles at an early age.

The cabin air services

If your face is surface of the slot, reduce or get rid of them is possible with the help of creams, masks, massage treatments and specific exercises. However, expressed by the wrinkles require radical intervention. Precisely this is done by cosmetologists. How to get rid of the throat in the form of wrinkles in the clinic, and what techniques are used for this?

One of the most popular treatments is lipofilling. It is recalled in many aspects of contour plastic, but much more durable and more difficult. However, in place of gel padding are applied to the tissues themselves. The extraction of the material is performed, for example, with the belly. Your cleaned and are subjected to a special treatment. However, lipofilling can bring with it side effects, as it is a surgical intervention in the body.

The surgery lifting also allows you to remove the nasolabial folds. It is the best method, but is characterized by the increase in the cost of living. If the financial situation allows, then it is not worth to do so since the uprising to help quickly and qualitatively to say goodbye with folds.

How to fix at home

The mask with the addition of laurel

If you do not have the desire or the money for treatments in the clinic or in the living room, you can use the remedies, which are safe and completely natural.

Give your skin regular and proper maintenance:

  • the mask is recommended to prepare two-three times weekly;
  • cream compositions should be applied two times a day;
  • before peels and other procedures of the person it is necessary to clean milk or tonic.

The gelatin mask

This tool includes the following components:

  • 4 tablespoons of jelly dessert;
  • 100 g of warm water;
  • 4 drops of vitamin A ;
  • 7-8 tablets of spirulina;
  • a teaspoon of lemon juice.

The effectiveness of the mask and is based on the action of these ingredients. For example, the gelatin is collagen, but with their tasks, it does so only on the surface of the skin. In the spirulina contains a lot of vitamins, amino acids and other necessary connections. The lemon juice is an excellent antioxidant.

To create a mask of gelatin should pour the water and leave the mixture in a thirty-forty minutes, so swollen. Spirulina should also be placed in hot water and insist, and then add the lemon juice and vitamin.

The gelatin needs to be heated gently in the microwave and mix with Spirulina. Finally, the tool should have gelled consistency. The mask should be applied on the area of the neckline and the skin of the face for about 20 minutes.

The mask with the addition of laurel

This tool has the following composition:

  • 7-8 bay leaf;
  • 20 g of warm water;
  • an egg;
  • a tablespoon of olive oil.

The bay leaf contains essential oil, able to smooth out the wrinkles. In the composition of the eggs is present the protein and retinol, which makes the face wrinkles. The olive oil provides the epidermis with nutrients and moisture.

To begin, we must make the cooking of laurel. Pour the water and let it cook in the period of ten-fifteen minutes. The mixture should be cool and drain carefully. The egg must beat, and to add the received mix and the olive oil. This mask is characterized by the liquid consistency, due to its convenient to apply with gauze or cotton. The validity period is 20 to 40 minutes.

Before and after a massage

Herbal compresses

Compresses of cold type of good tone and nourish the epidermis, warm — make it so stable. For its preparation, apply a special herb, which are appropriate to this or that type of skin. Often to prepare compresses are applied to the mother and the stepmother, calendula, st. john's wort or chamomile. Also herbs can be combined with each other.

Home remedies also accelerates the synthesis of collagen and in the skin of the land cover. In addition, their use can access at least every day.

The effectiveness of the cosmetic and gymnastics

When it reaches thirty years of age of all representatives of the beautiful sex should ensure your skin regular and proper maintenance — they know it all. And here comes to the aid of the cosmetics. It is clear that even expensive cream compositions is not able to solve the problem of the throat in the form of wrinkles, however, which help to maintain the good condition of the skin. In the composition of the good cosmetics must be present for the following substances:

  • the collagen;
  • the retinol;
  • the amino acids;
  • proteins;
  • hyaluronic acid;
  • the coenzyme q 10.

In addition, the cream should be chosen depending on the type of skin and age. For example, to the ladies of 60 years is unlikely to medicine "20+".

Nasolabial wrinkles very astute opponent, because to fight against it, it is necessary to use all the ways. Masks and creams — is not a complete list, it is also necessary to use special exercises, so that it serves the increase of the tone and the normalization of the circulation of the blood.

  1. "The tube". Take your lips and tube for a short time to stay in this position, after which relax the muscles. The exercise should be repeated more than seven times.
  2. The "ball". Buy a balloon and all the days of his inflate, this will strengthen the facial muscles.
  3. "The bottle". Pour the mixture into a bottle (soda or juice), a small amount of water. Try to pick her up, take advantage of the lips by the neck. Set the position for fifteen to twenty seconds. If the gravity is too big, pour a little water capacity.
  4. Standing before the mirror, clearly say all the vowels of the alphabet.
  5. Fill your cheeks and make a stop in this state to fifteen-twenty seconds.
  6. Type the air on the cheek and roll from one to the other.
  7. Widely expand the cavity of the mouth, forming the symbol of the "o" with the lips. Stay in this position for a few seconds.
  8. Try to pull up the chin, the upper lip.

Doing these exercises is very easy. In addition, it does not take much time. If repeated regularly, that positive change is possible through ten to fifteen days.

Massage against the throat in the form of wrinkles

The massage also helps to get rid of this kind of wrinkles. Its use is visible especially in the old age. To reduce the nasolabial wrinkles, it is best to use the methodology japanese.

  1. Passes for the wrinkles in different directions pads of the fingers. 6 repetition is enough. However, some specialists recommend to take out the wrinkles until the burning sensation. This massage technique is called Shiatsu and is considered one of the most simple.
  2. Extend the fingers of the skin with corners of the mouth, after that begin your massage.
  3. Draw ladoshkami the skin at the same center. This must be done with care not to damage the epidermis.
  4. It is an excellent tool for massage, complemented with the treatment of the skin with oils.

Remember that the wrinkles occur due to the shortage in the skin of moisture. Because it is necessary, as it is usually handle special creams. This is especially true after taking the sun.

The lighter massage is considered to cleanse the skin of ice cubes of broth of herbs.

The water

Prevention measures

Don't forget that wrinkles is much easier to prevent than to get rid of them in the future. To remain attractive, it is necessary to comply with some prevention recommendations:

  1. Do not drink a lot of water before going to sleep. Daily standard of fluid should be consumed before 18 to 20 hours.
  2. Try to get enough sleep. Nightstand or the lack of sleep has on the state of the epidermis is very harmful.
  3. Give up the dream in the stomach. It is clear that in the dream you can't control the situation, but we have to try to sleep in the back or on the side.
  4. Nutritious diet is also important for the health of the epidermis. Forget about the harmful of foods and smoked. It is best to replace the fresh berries, fruits and vegetables, in the composition that contains many vitamins and useful substances.
  5. Use a sunscreen before you go out to the street.
  6. Avoid the use of too hard regimes, as well as the rapid reestablishment of the mass of the body at the instant to calculate out the wrinkles.
  7. Every day moisturizes and cleans the skin. At least once a week to do the treatment in the salon or at home.
  8. Clean the wrinkle of each day, ice cubes.
  9. Use quality products according to your age category.
  10. Regularly exercise to strengthen and improve the facial muscles.

If you have taken the firm decision to say goodbye to wrinkles, it is necessary to have patience and do not stop half way. Only the regularity and dedication, along with proper care to ensure your face attractive and fresh.