Massage of face wrinkles at home

The most effective way to combat the effects of aging of the person — is the massage. Wrinkles appear to each person differently.

Depends on the type of skin, facial features, genetics, stress, etc


Aestheticians and massage therapists recommend massage during the first few wrinkles around 25 − 30 years. With a timely focus of this procedure is effective and will give good results.

The preparation of the person

Before the procedure prepare the skin of the face and hands of the masseur. It is important to understand that the hand is the main tool a facial massage anti-wrinkle, therefore, it is necessary to move forward:

  • Remove all the ornaments.
  • Do the manicure, which does not adversely affect the client or the self-massage.
  • Disinfection by means of special.
  • View heating traces of the hands, if the hands are very cold.

For the massage and other beauty treatments, creams or oils — olive oil, flax seeds, wheat germ oil, seed, peach, etc., When the first procedure is better to use a cream suitable for allergy sufferers, so as not to provoke a negative reaction from the skin.

For oily skin, it is recommended to add to the cream a few drops of lemon juice. You can still use talc baby to a base of talcum powder.

Before the massage you should do a make-up remover of the person: to withdraw all the cosmetics, decorative, clean the pores of dirt and dust. Beyond the face hot, washed with hot water, decoction of medicinal herbs closer together or warm a moist towel. Time to steam the skin can not be, so as not to cause burns.

The last stage of the preparation, the hydration of the skin of the tool. For dry skin apply the oil, and for oily skin — cream special. The tool left on the face for 10 − 15 minutes. Then, it starts the procedure.

Massage at home

For the home self-massage is recommended to perform some important rules:

  • You can't firmly on the skin, or stretch.
  • The hands should move smoothly, stroking the face and neck.

For self-massage apply the technology professionals:

  1. Applique pressure in the areas of the skin with the entire palm of the hand or the fingertips. This technique helps to tighten the oval of the face, to restore the skin elasticity of the former.
  2. The rubbing of a. Make the palms of the hands or fingers. Effective for the rapid delivery of toxins and speed up the circulation of the blood.
  3. Tingling. This technique is used to combat the deep wrinkles. The skin pinch only by the lines of massage.
  4. Swedish. Perform circular movements with the fingertips. This technique helps to relieve the swelling, accelerates the circulation of blood, reduces the deposition of the fat layer.
  5. Kneading of the skin. Use 2-3 fingers for the procedure. In the capture process of the muscles, at the same time become light, and Swedish. This exercise helps to return the skin elasticity and at the same time remove the excess of tweezers.
  6. Pats. Light nudges stabilize the work of the glands. First you make light strokes with the fingertips, ending the technique has already ladoshkami.

For sensitive skin using only the conservative part of the technique: the brush, the application, light slaps. It is better to stop serious forms of exposure (pinching, Swedish, kneading).

The technique of traditional massage

This option is good early prevention of the signs of aging. The basic rule is the motion passed by the lines of massage. Coincide with the locations lymphatic. Incorrect handling may worsen the condition of the skin and wrinkles will be even greater and more profound.

In the classic massage apply conservative of the technique is Swedish, rubbing, and a slight pat.

The procedure begins from the center of the forehead. The muscles in place of a maximum of relax. Crushed the front of the bridge of the nose to the temples, until in the area of hair growth. With deep wrinkles complement the procedure of the kneading.

Then, gently massage the area around the eyes. It is important to remember that the movement in the century begins to near the bridge of the nose and is directed to a instead of the eyes. And under the eyes is the opposite. From the looks of the edges toward the inside. It is a very delicate part of the face, so that all the movements are done smoothly, slowly, taking into account the type of skin. The upper eyelid can be a bit of a massage with the pads of the fingers, lower in the century, apply only light glide movement .

The nose massage from his wings and gradually pass upwards. And his cheeks to gently massage, avoiding the stretching of the skin. Make the procedure of three-finger corner of the mouth to the cheeks, of the lips towards the temples.

The chin can Pat and blend. During the massage this part is the prevention of the second chin, pulled the contour of the face.

The massage of wrinkles

Unfortunately, often, the women end up massage of the face, precisely, on the chin, forgetting the neck. The area of the neckline, it is important to give the time with the pats down and in the direction of the chin. Because she was the first issued, the age of the woman.

The massage during the clear of wrinkles

When deep of the age of the manifestations of the recommend the intensive use of manipulation. Special attention to the folds near the nose and lips, making at the same time or a slight tingling.

Vertical wrinkles of the forehead arranged with the help of the pressure, and strokes the center of the forehead towards the temples.

Active pinching often used when the deep wrinkles of effective methodology.

The japanese face massage

Shiatsu massage has come to us from japan. Before the procedure, it is important to relax completely. Perform at your best early in the morning or in the evening before going to bed.

The person also needs to prepare clear of makeup products and dust, heat up a hot towel. Perform the following exercises:

  • With the tip of your fingers push the inside of the corners of the eyes. Exercises spend 4-5 seconds. An exercise is repeated three times.
  • In the temples are found the acupuncture points. When you are pressured in these places you feel the pain dbil. It is necessary to massage with circular movements, using the fingertips.
  • Palm caress the neck from the center and upwards. This exercise met 10 times.
  • The exercise with the lips. With the tip of your fingers caress the lips from the middle towards the corners of the mouth. The point on the upper lip used for the removal of wrinkles.
  • Front iron eight times with the fingers of both hands. Move in the direction of the eyebrows upwards and in the direction of the temples of the grt of the front.

Massage of wrinkles

Some of the methods have come to us from tibet, india, japan, korea or china. The prevention of aging — the impact on biologically active points (THAI). In each a methodology to specify the number of these points, but the essence of the procedure is the same.

The basic rules of acupressure:

  • The procedure will only make it warm, pre-heated the hands.
  • A click on BAHT lasts no more than 7 seconds, and in the neck no more than 4 seconds.
  • The main working tool — your thumb. Some teachers still use middle and index finger.

Stages of the realization of the procedure

  1. All the muscles of the face are tightened, after which relax the strength of will. The head turns to the right, then to the left. At the same time pronounce the sound "a". This exercise helps to relieve muscle tension.
  2. Serve mouth-in and out of the lip tube. After that, trying to open the mouth widely, keeping the muscles of the oral cavity on the tone.
  3. Begin to massage the face with circular motions, gradually strengthening the pressure by clicking on the skin.
  4. Look for the point in the area of the cheeks, massage in gently with circular movements with the fingertips.
  5. The head thrown back, lifting the chin upwards. Forward pull of the lower jaw, the tension of this muscle. In A few seconds, returns to its initial position.
  6. The ears are closed ladoshkami and holding this position for 3 − 5 seconds.
  7. Just massage exercise to relax all the muscles of the face.

Chinese, facial massage

Do the procedure with the use of oil or cream. You can not do exercise immediately after eating, it is best to make it through 2 hours after the intake of food.

The chinese massage of the methodology:

  1. The shoulders are raised and relax.
  2. The back is lined up.
  3. Tinder print their hands off each other, warming up.
  4. Revolve eyes apples up, side, down. The direction of movement in the direction of clockwise and then counterclockwise.
  5. Close and open the eyes of the queue.
  6. With the tip of the finger slightly pressed into the orbits.
  7. Iron the wings of the nose, then crushed by the bridge of the nose.
  8. Gently massage the ear from the husk, especially focusing on the lobe.
  9. The fingers are raised on one side, pass through the skin of the head, where the hair grows.

Massager facial

An effective procedure to make it not only hands, but also in the special hardware. In the shops you can find several types of massagers. They differ in the way they work for the price, equipment.

The main types of massagers:

Massager facial
  • Jade — the manual of a device that consists of 2 rollers made of jade.
  • Roller is a device that consists of multiple rollers of different texture. Lead them by the face, pressing lightly on the skin.
  • Massager ultrasonic affects the sound of the fluctuations in the skin, improves circulation and tone.
  • Myo-stimulating — the most recent device that resembles a headset. Put it in the face, when it lights up through the skin receive electrical impulses, which influence the contraction of the muscles, the circulation of the blood, the power.
  • Electric massager affects the normal person, the stimulation of the contraction of the muscles and their tone.

When you can not do a massage on the face

Specialists recommend not to carry out the procedure in the following conditions:

  • Skin diseases (allergic dermatitis, acne, acne, eczema, etc.).
  • The inflammatory processes in the skin (wounds, cuts, bruises).
  • The presence of the entities (ulcers, papillomas, warts, moles).
  • Of fine leather, and the vessels are near the surface.
  • The sun burns, allergy to the sun or the cold, the peeling of the wind.

In any contraindications beauticians recommend to carry out the treatment of the skin or choose another procedure to combat the manifestations of aging.

The massage of wrinkles is very useful in therapy and prevention. He has not only the aesthetic, but rather are the effect. Of great utility both for young people as prevention and care, as well as for mature women, to help you look younger and fresh.