The ice of the face of wrinkles: the recipes of the youth

You are looking for a tool to get rid of the changes of age, to avoid the precipitation and to forget about the circles under the eyes? Cryotherapy in the salon will give the desired effect, but the price will be high. You will need a cosmetic ice, for the benefit of its application to brighten the following advantages:

the ice length of the wrinkles of the face

The advantages of the use of ice for wrinkles

  • Normal cube is frozen, the liquid will become an alternative to the means proposed by the renown of the trademark. The cold of the engine and reducing pores and makes the garments softer, but the main result will be to give elasticity to the skin. To avoid the education "crow's feet" and the loss clearly the outline of the face.
  • You will get rid of the circles under the eyes, because of their education, often due to problems with the circulation of the blood. The causes of the emergence of the also include the lack of rest and improper use of cosmetic products. In any case, you can reduce the manifestation with the help of frozen water.
  • At low temperature, it stops the inflammation and reduces the action of free radicals in the tissue. You remove one of the main causes of aging, not in superfluous expenses.
  • The lack of activity of sebaceous glands leads to dryness of the epidermis. This has the formation of wrinkles, but it will help to solve the problem of cryotherapy, as it is also called the cold exposure. Rubbing the face frozen in cubes, it will give the moisture and yes to the influence in the renewal of cells — is necessary for the normalization of the functions of the skin.
  • Owner fatty epidermis will realize that it is worth to use the ice of the wrinkles, and in the middle of the day does not have to complain of glare.
  • Age brings not only wrinkles, but also changes in hormonal levels that cause the acne. Since the procedure normalizes the activity of sebaceous glands, reduces the corrosion.
To preserve the youth, to resort to cryotherapy in the home. The first results you will notice that after a month, and with time, progress will be even greater.

How does this work? Under the action of the cold surface, the capillaries constrict, and the deeper vessels are dilated. As a result of the circulation of the blood, which has been intensified and supplied to the cells the oxygen and the first signs of aging of the back. Is cryotherapy allows demi moore, jennifer aniston and other "stars" have to stay young.


the ice of the wrinkles

Cryotherapy in the home, as in any procedure, it has contraindications. These include:

  • the presence of wounds, aggravated the inflammation, visible setochki of the vessels;
  • the irritation and the strong dehydration;
  • visibly lining of the pores.

It is important not to use the ice before you're going to get out of the house during the winter. In some cases, the use of frozen broths impede the night's sleep, as it excites the nerves.

Base recipe: how to make a cold medicine against wrinkles

With the arrival of summer heat ice cubes to the face of wrinkles at the same time will give you the coveted cool. For its preparation use the following procedure:

  • Cut in the mashed cucumber 2 medium-sized. Mix with the juice of 2 lemons.
  • Add 1 cup cold green tea, and ¼ cup of honey.
  • Pour the mixture into the form and send it back in the fridge.

When the liquid cools, clean out the epidermis and leaves a person dry out. After 10 min, rinse the skin with clean water. To which the liquid has been for a long time in the deep layers, use your favorite moisturizer.

Don't want to mix the ingredients? Use a little bit of green tea ice cream: the combination of cold and caffeine, present in the fluid, will give the beauty.

Simple recipes: cosmetic ice, without the hassle

For home ideal, and the following recipes:

  • Aloe, gives your skin the vitamins and eliminates the inflammation. You are free to cut the sheet into pieces and send them to the freezer or squeeze the juice.
  • Enrich the water boiled in essential oil of lavender to 2 drops of broth. The substance contains organic acids, which prevent the aging.
  • The decoction of chamomile useful to the elasticity of the skin, also it frees you from rashes and soothe sensitive at birth.
  • Witch hazel extract helps mature beautiful, which also afflicts the activity of the sebaceous glands and lining of pores. Mix it with water in equal parts, so that the action was not too aggressive. During use, make sure that the tool does not enter the eyes.
  • Milk is useful for women with dry skin, especially in the case of the work of the sebaceous glands has been broken too intense the removal of the fat in the skin. For freezing use a homemade product, rubbing the cubes on the skin for 3-4 minutes, Then wash in cold water. Carry out the procedure for the night, and defeat the changes of age, and dark circles under the eyes.
  • Fresh mint needs to grind in the blender and then pour a small amount of liquid for the texture pasty. In summer, the indispensable tool, for the benefit of calm cloaks after the aggressions of the rays.
  • For the use of treatments of the properties of turmeric take 1 teaspoon of powder and ¼ cup of water. Wipe the covers within 2 minutes, finished the washing procedure.
  • In favour of the ira and the juice of an orange, as the person will shine of youth. Simply freeze fresh, and then cleanse the skin for 5 min, for the vitamin C contributed to the detoxification of the tissues. Antioxidant will also show the acne and lighten scars.
  • The preparation of cosmetics of ice will not require effort. If after work you feel too tired to mix the various ingredients, these recipes you'll love.

Advanced: use the gifts of nature

the ice recipes

In addition to the known methods, take in arms and one of the following options:

  • The basil is effective to normalize the functioning of sebaceous glands and the treatment of acne. But it is rich in antioxidants, therefore, pour a handful of fresh leaves in ½ cup of water, mix in blender. Optionally, add 2 teaspoons of aloe juice.
  • The pineapple juice contains oxyacids, so that it not only helps the wrinkles around the eyes and the complexion. Align the application with the use of peel of citrus, because the last will be presented at a function gentle cleaning. You need 4 teaspoons lemon peel and 1 cup of pineapple juice, to give the skin the nutrients, including antioxidants and vitamin C.
  • The application of the watermelon stimulates the production of collagen, which is necessary to the elasticity of the epidermis. Also nourish your vitamins A, B, and C, and when you add the mint and normalize selection of sebum: components necessary to mix in the blender. If you want, you just simply cut watermelon into cubes and sent in the freezer.
  • Enrich the decoction of chamomile, rose water (2:1), or just add dried petals, without that the liquid is cool. To align deep hydration with the regeneration of the action, which will return the youth. Is approach of petals fresh, that it is necessary to pour the cooled decoction of chamomile and let it sit for 30 minutes
  • Dark Chocolate rich in antioxidants, smoothing out the wrinkles. He also gives long-lasting hydration and help you deal with peeling. To achieve the result you take 1 teaspoon grated component and pour ¼ cup of water, mix well.
  • To combine cryotherapy with the purification, 1 cup of ground coffee, add 2 slices of ginger and 3 cups of table salt. Dilute the mixture with 3 cups of water, mix the components and pour liquid forms. When the mixture is frozen, you will receive a scrub with a rejuvenating effect.
Cosmetic ice made with the recipes, you can store them during the week. Align useful the action of the cold with the properties of the natural components!

As rubbing the skin with ice

Want to get rid of wrinkles around the eyes? In addition to the choice of the recipe, role play and method of application. Then cryotherapy will only clean the skin, choosing the morning or the afternoon. If you perform the procedure before going to bed, wash with a soft foam or wipe the face with a mixture of oils, mix castor, hemp seed and jojoba oil with the amendment to your skin type:

  • for oily skin: 30% castor and jojoba, 40% hemp;
  • for normal or combination skin: 20% castor oil, 80% jojoba oil;
  • for dry skin: 10 % castor, 70% of the jojoba oil, 20% hemp.

During the carrying out of the morning, cryotherapy is acceptable to dispense with washing, except when in the dream, sweaty.

Then grabs the cube and the clean lines of massage, making small circular movements. Not on the delicate skin of the eyelids and the area near the eyes! If you keep the ice with the hands unpleasant, use a clean cloth or purchase a special container of silicone (sold in To perform cryotherapy, preferably standing near the shell, as the ice melts and the water flow. At the conclusion of dry skin with a towel, apply a moisturizer.

For the preparation of cubes use mineral still water.
how to control the face of ice

How to handle correctly the face

To achieve the maximum effect, start the ice massage on the cube of the area of the forehead, gradually working your way towards the temples. Make circular movements, then explore the light horizontal touch, improve the circulation of the lymph (do not press strongly, so as not to extend from the epidermis). In the next phase, treat the area below the eyes, moving from the nose to the temples, wander semi-circular of the chin to the nose, to avoid the appearance of throat in the form of wrinkles. It remains to clean up the cheeks and the contour of the face — the procedure has been completed.

Massage of ice cubes should not take more than 4 minutes, because prolonged exposure to cold is harmful to the capillaries. If in the process appeared inconvenience or has arisen redness, discontinue the procedure.


Thanks to your home, cryotherapy improves the circulation of blood in the tissue, which saturate the cell of oxygen. As a result of the aging processes that lessen the impact of ice will cover the necessary moisture. And to reinforce the effect, the use is not normal ice-cold water, and decoctions of herbs or fruit juices: they are very rich in antioxidants. Just don't wait for the result immediately, since the improvements need 1-2 months.