The most efficient mask of wrinkles around the eyes

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The woman begins to reflect on its age and the action relentless from the time the first signs of aging, detected in his face. And this is already closer to 30 years of age (to someone a little earlier, someone later), when they begin to appear famous crow's feet. Expenses of small wrinkles, from which it differs in the different parts of the eyelid, ages, makes the view is not so bright and attractive. And after 30 skin in these places falls and all the more clearly manifest the true wrinkles.

the wrinkles around the eyes

The causes of the appearance of wrinkles under the eyes

Many landlords of the mask are distinguished by their universality: put the sour cream on the side — cooled skin, he mixed the honey with egg — soaked your. Very different is the case with the tools used for the care of the skin around the eyes. This area of the face is different from all the others of its structure, therefore, not all products are ideal for the order to remove her wrinkles. To learn why it's here where the first signs of aging, it can be noted at time of its appearance. What reasons are based in physiological, does not depend on factors women, and what is wrong of skilled nursing facility care:

  • In this stretch there is no person of the sebaceous glands, which dampened the skin, therefore, the dehydration (loss of moisture) leads to the formation of the bad folds;
  • Around the eyes there are small muscles that reflect every emotion experienced by the man: hence the inevitable expression lines of the wrinkle, which can not escape anyone;
  • With the passage of time, the cells lose the ability to produce important for the elasticity of the skin of the connection, such as elastin and collagen, consequently, it forms creases, bags, setochki small wrinkles;
  • Without the need of protection of this area of the face suffers the first of the adverse effects of extreme weather events (heat, frost, snow, winds, uv rays, etc), that injure sensitive, thin, delicate skin around the eyes: therefore, it is recommended to use all kinds of protective masks;
  • The abuse of cosmetics decorative actively help to remove the moisture from the cells and the skin begins to age and be covered in wrinkles;
  • Prolonged near a computer and other indirect causes that can cause the appearance of wrinkles in this area of the face;
  • Having a mode of day (chronic sleep enough), it also eventually leads to the fact that the first wrinkles under the eyes appear because the twentysomethings of girls;
  • Poor diet does not provide the body needs to substances do not get your skin, the result is obvisaniya and folds.

Features of the structure of the skin around the eyes make a closer and more carefully refer to this part of the face. The basic rules of care (use of masks, nourishing, skin cleansing cosmetics through the washing every day before going to bed) help to prolong the youth and early warning of the appearance of wrinkles. On the long seat behind the computer for the night and day of fast-food foods with the warranty it is also necessary to forget, in order to bring their appearance in order.

Characteristics of the skin around the eyes

Unfortunately, cancel the process of aging of the skin around the eyes is impossible. However, it is possible to substantially its rhythm, as well as to completely avoid the situation, when the skin loses its optimal elasticity and becomes flaccid, it shows the bags of the eyelids above very SAG and corners of the eyes and down.

Of any way to hide this unpleasant picture may not be in any cosmetics, even very dear and effective. That is why the skin around the eyes needs proper care, that should happen even with the youngest. Therefore, it is very effective, are the mask to the face around the eyes, the best recipes which are presented below.

how to get rid of wrinkles

The dryness, the main problem of the skin around the eyes

Always in constant movement, as the eyes are the most mobile of the organs of the person. The man is half-closes, closes and opens, express facial or bodily feelings, always stretch.

The age of the skin in the eyes, it is elastic and does not lose its way, with the eyelids held the order of twenty thousand of the different movements. However, with time, this all changes, therefore, without special means for the protection of the skin you can't go.

Of course, it is essential to buy the cosmetics for the eyes, go to beauty salons, and apply a variety of face masks homemade for the skin around the eyes, that, subject to the correct and timely use, necessarily help to slow down the process of aging, relieve swelling, wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes.

The swelling and ways of dealing with them

Inflammation is a common problem in many people, and experts say that the eyes can swelling due to the alteration of the circulation of the lymph in this area. Reduce the degree of severity of the inflammation and eliminate to always be different, special of the mask. They are used quite different ingredients, including the bananas, sour cream, spinach, parsley, cucumber, pumpkin. The mask of the skin around the eyes is known as effective recipes.

The other is fairly common and simple the mask is composed of apple pulp. For their manufacturing it is necessary to grate the apple and put the slurry obtained in the swelling. Or you can take thin slices of apple, and in less than fifteen minutes to keep them in the problematic areas. This type of mask happy effective in the fight against edema, as well as the substances that are found in apples, quickly, you can solve the problem.

The dark circles under the eyes and the means to fight against them

Another common problem are the dark circles under the eyes. In reality what that even occur with more frequency in the edema, and the main causes of its appearance can be quite different from the nature. So, for example, if the sleep little and often, the stress, as well as in the case of the location of the capillaries too close to the surface in a very thin skin.

The most appropriate instrument is, of course, strong and healthy sleep, daily walks, as well as physical exercise. And if at the same time of applying and several home remedies and, among them, the mask for the skin around the eyes (in the home), these circles can greatly reduce, and subsequently in general disappear.

Mask against wrinkles around the eyes — the best recipes of

Women who regularly wear masks for the skin around the eyes-home, are expressive, bright eyes. After all, not to spoil the little rays of wrinkles, protruding from the corners of the eyes in the different parts. If the very fact of their appearance was already evident, between the masks of choose to possess a face-lift-and-effect and have a high degree of hydration. These two properties allow them to deal with the scourge. You choose to try different recipes to find the one that is right for you.

how to use a mask against wrinkles
  • The yeast + milk. Normal yeast (25 gr) to dilute the hot milk until you get the desired consistency: the mask should not be very thick, for, after drying not tied to the skin; and it should not be too liquid, so that no running, falling in the eyes. In this form it is permitted to replace the milk and olive oil.
  • Potatoes + cream of milk. Fresh, raw potato grate the finer grater. In 1 of the tables. one tablespoon of applesauce resulting from adding 1 h. teaspoon fatty (25-30%) of cream. This mask can be used already with 18 years.
  • Apricot + sour cream. Grind the pulp of apricot to the state of puree, whisk in equal amounts of fat (30%), sour cream homemade.
  • Lemon + salt. The mask is very effective on the fight against wrinkles near the eyes, however, be careful: salt can be irritating to act on the delicate skin in this place. And if the mixture gets into the eyes, may cause long redness. Cut a ripe lemon in half. Of one of the halves of manually squeezing out the juice (you get about 1-2 tables. spoons). Beat until the state of the air foam of crude protein, add the juice of a lemon. At the last moment to pour completely a pinch of salt (1-2 gr). Before applying carefully prepared and do not forget to check the skin reaction.
  • The oatmeal + milk. Ideal for the skin around the eyes to use the oatmeal flour. But if not you can grind regular oats in a coffee grinder. Pour (2 tables. tablespoons) of the same amount of hot milk, leave for half an hour, for swollen. The porridge is best to put the warm.
  • Honey + protein. The warm honey, liquid (1 tables. the spoon), beat with a new egg protein, add that to the density of the wheat flour (about 1 h. the spoon), known for its tightening and rejuvenating the skin.
  • Banana + oil. The ideal remedy against wrinkles of expression. Crush the pulp of banana with a fork, mix (1 tables. the spoon) the butter, previously melted to a liquid state (1 tables. the spoon).
  • Camphor oil + lard. If you are not afraid of the smell of camphor and quietly speaking inside fat, this mask is able to satisfy your most daring in the hope of getting rid of wrinkles. Mix camphor oil (3 table. tablespoons) with the same amount of inside of the butter previously melted in a double boiler.
  • Bread + milk. The piece of stale white bread without crust pour a small amount of hot milk. Wait for the dilation, stretch and in the heat of the shape to impose on the skin around the eyes.
  • Honey + milk products. Cottage cheese pour the milk in equal amounts (of 1 tables. the spoon), stir. Add the honey and hot liquid and cream (of 1 h. the spoon). Pour 1 h. a teaspoon of vegetable oil (can be olive). Dairy products must be higher in fat content.

Wrinkles gradually are becoming less clear, not so clear and crisp, the emergence of new stops. If you are going to continue the chronicle of not sleeping well and not provide your body with the vitamins and other necessary substances, the masks can be at all successful. Only a comprehensive solution to this problem can ensure the desired result.

The rules for the use of the masks of the wrinkles

The special structure of the skin around the eyes requires a good use of preparations based on a recipe of masks. This could enhance its effectiveness.

the effectiveness of the masks
  1. If wrinkles are not, it is not necessary to prematurely suffer, that hasn't happened yet and as a preventive tool the use of these tools. Choose any of the other nutrients or simply hydrating, but without a lifting-effect. Otherwise, the result will be the opposite.
  2. The mask of wrinkles under the eyes exclude any kind of experiments with the recipes. If it is specified that for their preparation it is necessary to take the sour cream, please use this product, and not the kefir, curd, or yogurt.
  3. Will be able to find to prepare face masks homemade, egg and dairy products of the effectiveness of the mask will increase by several times.
  4. For abundant hydration of this section of the person to use the dairy products to higher fat content.
  5. Made with a mixture of pre-check for the presence of allergy: a small amount of lubrication of the wrist, rinse after 15 minutes and for about 3-4 hours, observe the reaction. The absence of itching and rashes - it is an indicator that the mask can be applied to the sensitive area around the eyes.
  6. Before applying, carefully clean the eyelids and eyelashes of the cosmetic.
  7. It is recommended to apply with light movements of the fingertips, as if setting the tool in the skin.
  8. During the effective period of the mask is not recommended to walk home, make something, and show emotions. It is best to lie on your back with your eyes open, relax, think positive.
  9. Be careful that the mixture does not get in the eyes, or any of the ingredients can cause irritation, and are strongly to redden.
  10. Do not keep the mask on for more than 15 minutes. Optimal time — ten minutes.
  11. To wash you need water, the inside temperature cotton or a disc, dipped in the decoction of herbs.
  12. The regularity improves the efficiency of any mask. Therefore, do not forget to do a couple of times a week after a bath or a shower before bedtime.
  13. A change in the composition of the masks, so as not to cause the skin of the addiction to the same ingredients. Have been on a prescription of a month — it's time to do another. Then, if necessary, you can revert to the old.

Wrinkles under the eyes appear the first, and able to spoil the look more beautiful and young face. To resolve the problem, do not necessarily resort to modern kosmetologicheskim the procedures to do this, you always have time. For starters, try the home remedies, the test of time and the experience of our ancestors.

If you are beyond 40, and all others are given to no more than 30 minutes, you can have the incredible luck of a woman. Usually after 40 years the woman starts to be absorbed in its own complex. The whole world is trying to deal with this in different ways, however, the only way to fight back against the jokes of the nature is to enjoy its blessings. This is the application of the natural remedies against the effects of aging of the skin.

Useful tips for the conservation of the youth of the skin around the eyes:

how to use the mask
  • For washing, use only cold, clean drinking water can benefit from the dam water (not tap and not boiled!). This water will improve the circulation of the blood. You can use the cosmetic ice.
  • Apply the cream on the area around the eyes should be small portions, distributing its point of the stroke with the tips of anonymous fingers (because without a name the fingers of the less developed countries, can not deform the skin).
  • In the morning you must apply nourishing creams or gels, and makeup with lifting effect - for the night. Otherwise, you may receive strong swelling.
  • In any case, do not use the face cream in the skin of the eyelids.
  • Be sure to use the cosmetics for sun care with spf protection.
  • The makeup should be changed every three-four months, to prevent habituation or allergic reactions.
  • In winter and autumn periods should take multivitamin complexes.
  • As you walk in the open air, carry out an active lifestyle.

The beauty and the youth of the skin is the result of regular and thorough care. Therefore, learn to take care of themselves and their skin as soon as possible to prolong their youth and healthy appearance.