How to get rid of wrinkles under the eyes

The delicate skin in the area of the basins of the first submits to age changes. Wrinkles below the eyes appear to 25-30 years. In the area of the eyelids of the sebaceous glands, subcutaneous fat, the structure of the skin is thin and non-elastic, and the muscles are not able to maintain the tone and elasticity. This favors the appearance of fine lines, expression wrinkles, dark circles under the eyes, other unattractive cosmetic problems.

Many blame the appearance of peri-orbital wrinkles of affectivity, they think, if not frowning, not smiling, the skin does not appear the folds of the. In reality, it is not so with the age decreases the number of fibroblasts and synthesis of collagen, is the main cause of the appearance of "crow's feet".

How to get rid of wrinkles under the eyes

Why are there wrinkles under the eyes

In addition to natural factors, aggravates the condition of the skin of various other causes:

  • inept or improper care;
  • cosmetic defects;
  • bad habits;
  • the poor diet;
  • prolonged exposure to the sun, the wind or cold;
  • the increase of the affectivity;
  • bad environment and a variety of other reasons.

Change the structure of the dermis is not possible, but always take care, to take care of your area under the eyes of every woman. Modern esthetician offers a variety of ways to combat wrinkles on the problems of the area. There are popular beauty treatments recipes have passed the test of time. Each one can choose the form of care of the face for regular use.

Negligence in the care of the delicate skin around the eyes, 30 years old, will lead to the loss of tone. The epidermis adhere mesh small wrinkles that quickly would become more bulky, so that they become of age to get rid of that is difficult.

Aesthetic and forms of

After treatments of beauty in the classroom significantly improves the state of the epidermis, the small wrinkles disappear:

  • photo-rejuvenation: as a result of exposure to pulses of radiation, the cells begin to a greater intensity to produce collagen, elastin;
  • mesotherapy or biorevitalizatsiya: under the skin is introduced to the special preparations, which stimulate the production of elastin, collagen;
  • masks-based organic acids.

Home remedies

At home you can also achieve a good result, smooth out wrinkles under the eyes and always looking like a photo model from a fashion magazine. These tools are completely safe, easy, economic.

The useful methods for the use of the house include:

The rules of the preparation and application of masks
  • regular self-massage, which regulates the blood circulation and strengthens the power of the epithelium;
  • clean strong saline solution, that can quickly smooth out the first little deep expression lines of the wrinkle;
  • hot compresses with the resulting wash-cold water to hydrate, nourish;
  • a sponge bath century aesthetic of ice. Made of herbal decoction (smoothes deep wrinkles);
  • the mask of different natural ingredients which not only rejuvenate, but to nourish, hydrate, illuminate, tighten the skin orbits.

How you can fight against wrinkles, the popular suggestion of cosmetology effective. But it is necessary to remember that before you start the fight with wrinkles, the more that the skin will be fresh, young.

The rules of the preparation and application of masks

It is necessary to mention about the rules of the preparation and application of masks. As a result of the right action of the composition of the therapy will be more useful, and the effect will be more fast.

  • The cosmetic procedure go through the night, after the warm bath, and then medicinal composition followed by adequate rest.
  • Before the medicinal applications of the mass make a light massage of the area of the watershed, activating the circulation of the blood. The massage helps to quickly absorb useful substances in the subcutaneous tissue.
  • The mask put on the skin clean.
  • Ingredients for the composition are used quality, freshly prepared.
  • During this procedure shall not exceed 15 to 20 minutes. The tool is rinsed with fresh water, easy to apply the nourishing cream.

For cosmetic purposes it is used for fruits, vegetables, berries, honey, vegetable oils, cereals, lactic acid products of the eggs.

Simple mask for the skin of the eyelids

Medicinal compositions are easy to prepare, are composed by no more than two elements. They do not need a long cooking process. Apply when the wrinkle lurking or shortage of time. Medicinal compositions are applied 1-2 times a week.

Apple and cream of milk

Ripe apple, finely grated, mix with a teaspoon of households of whipped cream or sour cream. This will help to soften wrinkles, hydrate the skin.

The sauerkraut

Excellent product, cosmetic tool. For rejuvenating mask, simply wrap the pinch drained sauerkraut on two pieces of gauze or a bandage. Attach the makeshift patches under the eyes, and after washing the face hammering movements to apply the olive oil cold pressed. The daily routines, during two weeks, will make the skin soft and smooth.

Bread and milk

Simple mask for the skin of the eyelids

The crumb of white bread razmochit fresh milk, to form a homogeneous mass. The composition of to impose on the closed eyes. The effect is visible through a couple of procedures.

Strawberries and honey

Two of the fresh berries of the strawberry season (if it is possible, with your parcel) to make porridge. Add a teaspoon of flowers of honey. From layers of chiffon cut two cup, put it between the layers of strawberry-the mixture of honey and put the eyes closed. Strawberry — nourishes, and the honey moisturizes. Consequently, the wrinkles quickly smoothed.

The juice of aloe vera

To preserve and effective care will help you aloe-vera juice. The droplet of juice healing to squeeze out of a leaf of aloe vera in the pad of your finger and gently apply under the eyes and on the upper eyelid. This resolves quickly the dryness, which makes wrinkles less visible. If the flower of the house, you can use the aloe vera gel that contains 98% of active substances of this plant.


Fruit in boiled crude oil carefully nourishes, and softens the delicate skin.

  • Finely grated raw put the potatoes into strips of gauze and apply to problem areas. Eliminates swelling, various swelling, the skin pulled and smoothed.
  • Of the boiled potatoes make mashed potatoes with the addition of the cream. Hot mass is placed on a gauze and it has to cool. The mask gives almost instantaneous result: eliminates the dryness, flaking, the skin is smoothed.

Fresh cucumber

The vegetable is famous for anti-aging, and moisturizing effect.

  • Cool, a cucumber, wash and cut into thin slices. Put rings on your closed eyes (in the face), to adopt the vertical position.
  • Grate finely the cucumber, obtained the mass of the patch of gauze, to impose the problems of the area.

Of ripe banana

Mashed ripe banana helps to get rid of shallow wrinkles around the eyes (ideal for women under 30 years old). In addition, the cells carry useful substances, damp cloth. Banana puree, mix with 1 spoon of soft butter until a homogeneous condition. Apply the composition on the area around the eyes, wash through a quarter of an hour cushy water. Here, another mask of banana from wrinkles on the face.

Parsley for the eyes

Mask for the skin around the eyes

This well-known of all the vegetable quickly and for a long time even to get rid of deep wrinkles. The juice of parsley is good to whiten the skin, eliminates cyanotic spots, nourishes the cells of vitamins and micronutrients. To prepare the composition, enough to pound a bunch of parsley in a mortar and pestle, which stood out the juice. Place the dough green in bags of gauze, apply under the eyes.

They are useful for cleaning with ice, prepared from abrupt or vegetable broth of the roots of parsley.

Formed by several parts (complexes) of the mask to the skin around the eyes

Complex of compounds worth to turn, when the wrinkles have become very noticeable and deep. The impact of various ingredients allows to boost the effect and in a short time, to achieve tangible results.


Effective composition is very popular. To prepare the mixture of 2 tablespoons of brandy, 100 g of cream, fresh, a tablespoon of honey. In the mix add crushed egg yolk, a little lemon juice. Stir uniformity, you put it in the area of the watershed. After 10 minutes, wash with warm water, put the nourishing cream.

The colors of the flower of linden

A tablespoon of linden flowers scalds and half a cup of boiling water, to insist night. Will be sold cooking (2 tablespoons l) to mix with the liquid honey, to black tea, vegetable oil (1 tablespoon of the spoon). Received the lotion to grease periodically the wrinkles under the eyes.

Honey with the

The live yeast culture, influences favorably on the thin skin around the eyes. To prepare the composition of the maid-half of a teaspoon of fast granular yeast with a tablespoon of liquid honey and a tablespoon of sunflower oil. The mixture of such a layer is put on the problem areas removed a piece of disc after 10 minutes. After the procedure, wash in cold water.


Canned or fresh (steamed) mole rub through a sieve or open mixer. Two tablespoons of mashed peas connect with the egg yolk. Put the porridge for 5 to 10 minutes, wash with cool water.

Honey wheat

The tool has a lifting effect of the help of the "setochki" small expression lines of wrinkles under the eyes.

Preparation: mix warm a tablespoon of honey with a tablespoon of white flour, beaten protein. The mixture apply on the skin under the eyes, wash after dry completely.

Tibetan mask cream

The collagen for the skin

For a start, you should prepare a decoction of bay leaves: 2-3 leaf rinse with boiling water (0,5 cup), cook with little boiling 10 minutes. Then strain and cool.

To prepare the cream mixing the shake belochek with 1 teaspoon of Bay leaf of cooking, 10 gr of olive oil, 3.5 gr of alum (in the pharmacy), stir until smooth consistency. The pieces of flannel, cut from the half moon, pervade in your composition. Impose the wrinkles under the eyes and keep on all night.


Unite in equal proportions, bold the cottage cheese with the warm milk (30 g.). To complement the composition of vegetable oil, with cream, honey (5 grams each). Dividing into two parts the dough, place in bags of gauze. Attach the tool of eyelids, endure a quarter of an hour.

Of rose petals

Fight against wrinkles, occurs in the home aromatherapy.

In the, grated 1 tablespoon petals of garden roses or rose hip oil, add the yolk of a fresh egg and 20 g soft butter. Apply in the area of the watershed, through the half-hour to wash clean a little warm water.

Natural vegetable oils

Oil since time immemorial, are used in cosmetics for skin care. They are suitable for the sensitive skin around the eyes. The natural oils available, and the quick mask are preparing. Cosmetics smoothed the wrinkle, moisturize, put on delicate skin.

Olive oil

This oil occupies a position of leadership in the care of the skin. Can be used in its pure form (as compresses), as well as multiple oil masks.

For frequent use, it is recommended olive oil with vitamin E. Mix 50 ml of olive oil with 10 ml of liquid vitamin E. the Composition is applied on the lower eyelid area, by setting your tips of the fingers. After 5 minutes of the remnants of the moisture with a cloth.


This home remedy helps very well in an early stage, when the wrinkles begin to manifest. A tablespoon of olive oil pressed in cold dilute the lemon juice (2 to 3 drops). Received the mask with care nailing in the area below the eyes. After 10 minutes, remove with a cloth any excess product.

The coconut oil

This tool reduces significantly the number of small wrinkles under the eyes and produces the prevention of the emergence of the new. The procedure is quite simple. In the evening a small amount of coconut oil gently rub gently massage in circular movements around the eyes. You can't apply the efforts and stretch the skin.

Flaxseed oil

The oil helps to get rid of wrinkles in very severe cases. Circles of soft fabric to saturate the oil is hot, lay the closed eyelids, or on a person. After half an hour the mask is cleaned with a cloth. Used over 2 days.

Flaxseed oil

With sea buckthorn oil

For the power of the area of the watershed is mix a tablespoon of oils of cacao and sea buckthorn, adds liquid vitamin E. the mixture generously put at the top and bottom of the eyelids. Through a quarter of an hour the excess removed with a cloth. The mask enjoy a day. Put to the person by an hour and a half-two hours before bedtime.

To keep the youth additional to that offered to pass the prevention of premature aging. Review the style of life:

  • go to a healthy diet;
  • forego the bad habits;
  • offer a good night's sleep;
  • constantly engaged in sporting activities;
  • all-day care for the person.

All of these factors, together, for a long time will retain their youth, significantly improves the quality of life. Another of the recipes of masks from wrinkles under the eyes.