The correction of vertical wrinkles: botox, facial implants, and other methods

The brightest of the age changes are manifest in the face. The wrinkles around the eyes, on the forehead, vertical wrinkles above the upper lip are the main manifestations of aging, that wants to get rid of the woman in the first place.

Correction of the purse-string wrinkles

Why do wrinkles form vertical

Fold over the upper lip, the sensitivity of which intensifies with age, it is called vertical wrinkles. The main cause of their occurrence is the loss of skin elasticity and muscle tone in the mouth area.

In his youth, the muscles and tissues around the mouth is constantly in the shade. Already from thirty years of age, the skin of the person starts to lose particles, natural collagen and elastin, which causes the formation of the throat in the form of folds (appearance of vertical wrinkles), the omission of the lips.

The intensity of the injury of a process depends on several factors:

  • individual is a characteristic of the facial expressions of the person;
  • bad habits (smoking, alcohol, drugs);
  • the control of the purity and health of the skin.

Also the formation of vertical wrinkles above the upper lip due to constant load in the circular muscle of the mouth. The muscle fibers are in constant tension: the hour of the meal, the conversation, the laughter and the expression of other emotions.

Clusters circular muscles are not connected to the bone marrow to the tissues, so that when the tension is stretched.

Are more affected by the early appearance of the vertical wrinkles above the upper lip of the patient, whose professional activity is related with the active collaboration of the circular muscles (of the singer, musicians, teachers). In the group of risk also include:

  • patients, who have shed kilos of weight — the lack of fat in the area of the lips contributes to the degradation of the tissues and the formation of wrinkles;
  • patients with a hereditary predisposition;
  • people living in adverse environmental conditions;
  • the patient with thyroid disorders, disorders of the nervous system.

To accelerate the process of formation of vertical wrinkles can be frequent, night shift (lack of sleep), the lack of care of the skin of the face (the lack of hydration and cleaning), overly active facial expressions, the abuse of alcohol and tobacco, poor nutrition (lack of the necessary amount of vitamins), accommodation in the agro-ecological zones, prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays, often the use of the chewing gum.

The solution methods of purse-string wrinkles

Methods of correction of

The methods of solution of the vertical wrinkles varied, but all in a common goal — to eliminate the cause of the problem of the appearance of the vertical wrinkles and prevent the aggravation of the problems of the appearance of it in the future.

Important: only a systematic approach to the solution of problems may help to get the positive effect of the correction of vertical wrinkles quickly and make it easier to get results for a long time.

In the initial phase of the formation of wrinkles around the mouth is simply deleted with the help of media aesthetics and compositions created by the recipes of folk medicine. In the later stages of development of folds in on buccal arch, in order to solve the problem, we use the more radical methods of cosmetology.

Quickly recover the tonicity of the muscles of the face, smoothing vertical wrinkles of the lips through the next aesthetic of the methodology:

  1. Mesotherapy, biorevitalizatsiya, mask plastic — compatible with the manipulation of subcutaneous injections of preparations of hyaluronic acid, vitamins and trace elements. Also for the correction of problem areas under the skin, introduce the facial implants based on hyaluronic acid. The end result of the filling techniques of small folds, the normalization of the circulation of the blood, the nutrition of the tissues, increasing the tone and elasticity of the epidermis of a person.
  2. The injections of drugs based on botulinum toxin neurotoxin And . Botox for the vertical wrinkles is based on the relief of nerve impulses to move the muscles of the mouth, to relieve the spasm of the muscles. As a result, the skin around the mouth is smoothed, wrinkles disappear vertical.
  3. Fractional photothermolysis — procedure dose of processing a laser beam of certain areas of the skin. Photothermolysis stimulates the process of regeneration of skin cells, the synthesis of particles of collagen and elastin in the deep layers of the epidermis.
  4. The procedure of ELOS is carried out on the combination of two energies: the energy of the radio waves.
  5. Strengthening — to improve the resistance of the skin of the upper lip special of the strands (meso-strands). They are introduced in the line between the lip and the nose. At the beginning, the elasticity of the muscles give masonite, and then the collagen-based, that they grow. The method of reinforcement — the procedure of multiple-entry. Periodicity of realisation of once every three to six months.

Types of medications used

Depending on the type of procedure for correction of vertical wrinkles form certain medications:

  1. Plastic mask from the vertical wrinkles of the fill.
  2. Botox.
  3. The mesotherapy.
  4. Bioreinforcement allows to reach the maximum effect of rejuvenation.
  5. Medications for the celebration of plazmolifting is made from their own tissues of the patient.
Injections of medications

Indications and contraindications

Vertical wrinkles above the upper lip not only add age, but also to make the expression of the face sad, tired several irritated. It is precisely the aesthetic side, the problem of vertical wrinkles around the mouth is the main indication for performing the manipulation of the correction.

Contraindications to the implementation of the procedures of solution of the vertical wrinkles are:

  • the state of pregnancy, period of lactation;
  • intolerance individual of the entry of the drug;
  • chronic severe disease;
  • the sensitivity of the skin of the face;
  • the inflammation of the plots of the epidermis, in which is planned the celebration of a correction procedure;
  • blood diseases, oncopathology;
  • antibiotics;
  • the procedure, chemical or laser, skin cleaning, held the previous day.

Adverse reactions and complications

In most cases, the correction of vertical wrinkles not called to the patient of the side effects and serious complications. Very rarely, in exceptional cases, may experience a higher pain processing areas of the skin, headache, feeling of irritation. In the place of insertion of padding can develop inflammation, hematoma. As to the seven days, these unpleasant symptoms will take place.

The technique of the correction, as happens in the procedure

The positive effect of the correction of vertical wrinkles directly depends on the faithful observance of priority of all the processes:

  1. The patient receives the advice of a doctor, a total that determines the type of procedure necessary to the correction, the drug to carry it out.
  2. The skin of the face before beginning the procedure, prepares, clears from cosmetic decorative. In the preparation of the skin is applied a special application to the anesthesia. The cream is processed areas of the skin, then you can enjoy the movie. Within a time begins anesthesia effect.
  3. The selected remedy filler (created at the base of hyaluronic acid) is introduced under the skin with a fine needle or a special flexible cannula.
  4. All actions should be clear. In the first place, it renders the outline of the lips.

Important: if the contour of the lower lip not to change their process in a preventive way.

All of the correction procedure last no more than half an hour.

A few more days on the face, the patient can keep the swelling, painful to palpation in the field of the introduction of filler. If the medication is injected with a needle into the injection site bruising may be seen.

The expected effect of the

The expected effect of the

Eliminate vertical wrinkles on the upper lip can be, as long as an integrated approach, based on three basic principles:

  • the regularity (all procedures are performed under a given schema);
  • the accuracy of action (of the skin of the upper lip is very soft and fine), the movement careless, ill-chosen medicine can increase the already existing problem, but and cause a number of side effects.
  • the gradacin (medicine is shaped by the principle of increasing the impact of the active components). During the process of correction is made to follow the dynamics of change. If necessary, the patient can be offered the more effective, aggressive corrective procedure.

Only an integrated approach to address the problem of vertical wrinkles will help you to achieve the maximum positive results: the elimination of folds and wrinkles around the mouth, increase of elasticity and elasticity of the skin of the face, to strengthen the process of regeneration of skin cells.