The hydrogen peroxide to the face of wrinkles: the clients, the application of

Hydrogen peroxide for face wrinkles – tool, in which the women long ago called attention, wanting to prolong the youth of the skin. But doctors estheticians and dermatologists, until now, have not reached an opinion on the application of this medication, as an effective means of wrinkles.

Hydrogen peroxide for face wrinkles

Do you help the hydrogen peroxide wrinkles

Hydrogen peroxide is one of the most inexpensive and essential medicines in any first aid kit. It is very much appreciated, especially, by the wide range of applications in medicine and in everyday life. But the best known is the solution thanks to its disinfection properties.

Hydrogen peroxide (another name for the peroxide) – one of the representatives of peroxide substances, where the oxygen atoms linked to hydrogen atoms. This liquid can be of different concentration, no color, has the "metal" flavor.

With high oxidative properties, the composition has been used with success in some areas of the industry such as bleach, foamer, is used for rocket fuel. In medicine the popular solution as a disinfectant for premises, transport, sterilization of the material.

In terms of the use of this solution of wrinkles, some estheticians ensure that the tool is able to solve this problem for many women.

Many believe that the hydrogen peroxide has anti-aging properties. Therefore, women actively used to combat age-related wrinkles. By applying the solution regularly, it can smooth the skin and increase its elasticity. The hydrogen peroxide is removed Warm layers and nourishes the tissue of oxygen, which contributes to improve the circulation of the blood. Therefore, to cope with small wrinkles she is one of the forces.

The useful properties of hydrogen peroxide

The useful properties of hydrogen peroxide

The hydrogen peroxide solution quality antiseptic. The solution is to have medicinal properties. Its widely applied to normalize the functioning of the digestive tract, diseases of the cardiovascular system, various infections, diseases of the organs of the respiracin, after stroke. The hydrogen peroxide increases the activity of the immune system, improves the composition of blood, relieves the spasm of the blood vessels, improving their, shows the waste products from the body, supports the degeneration and carbohydrate balance in the body and restores the acid-base balance.

As an antiseptic it works in the following way: in case of contact with the wounded surface, the oxygen is released and produces the neutralization of the organic substances. This is a process of purification. Using the tool of wrinkles on the skin, it is necessary to select the 1% or the 3% of the solution.

The hydrogen peroxide has the following useful features:

  • gently cleanses bold, combined, the skin type, after which it activates the synthesis of collagen;
  • fight with black points, advanced of the pores of the skin;
  • cure acne eruptions;
  • makes a light peel;
  • it improves the circulation of the blood;
  • refreshes the color of the face;
  • she pulls the fabric of oxygen;
  • with success the struggle with pathogenic microflora;
  • eliminates the peeling;
  • fades unwanted hair on the face;
  • to whiten age spots, freckles.

The ideal solution also for the health of the skin, the care and cleaning of dust, sweat, grease.

How to apply hydrogen peroxide to the face of wrinkles

Before you start using the hydrogen peroxide as a cosmetic anti-wrinkle, it is recommended to perform a test for possible allergic reactions. To do this, a few drops of liquid need to put in the back of the wrist or the elbow and the crease of the hand and wait about an hour, watching the reaction. If the application site does not appear redness, itching, flaking, the solution can be applied.

Mask with the pain

Without additives, the solution can be used in equipped with a, carefully putting it only in the place where there is inflammation, acne, ranka. Before the procedure you must clean the skin usual of the tool, and then with a cotton swab, apply the solution on the desired area. Keep can be about 3 minutes, then rinse the face with water from the tap. Not to be done, as the cauterization more than a week, since that can cause a burn of the dermis.

The most significant use-case of this tool, and the appearance of wrinkles is the combination with any of the components that will considerably strengthen the action of the solution. For example, in the fight against wrinkles as it helps the mixture to the washing, the mixture for the cleaning and the variety of masks with the addition of peroxide.

The mixture for the washing of the prepared very easy. In the palm of the hand extracted the tool to the washing, is added to peroxide. Care mix, evenly distributed over the face, massaging for 3 minutes. Wash preferably, in cold water.

Clean your face with hydrogen peroxide carried out in the following way:

  • it is necessary to treat the skin of the solution;
  • to steam for 10 minutes;
  • applying the tool to the washing to steam the skin;
  • again, a little having over the steam;
  • spread the mixture to cleanse and massage the face for 5 minutes;
  • wash fresh, running water;
  • moisten your face with the cream.

The mix for the normal and combined type of the skin is made up of salt, baking soda and a few drops of hydrogen peroxide. In a mixture of fat-type add a pinch of concoctions, soft drinks and ground coffee.

Recipes of masks with hydrogen peroxide wrinkles

Mask for the face as a way of reducing the depth of wrinkles have always been very popular among women. Especially gained the confidence of masks nutritious, able to penetrate into the deep dermis. The hydrogen peroxide makes it easier to saturate the tissues of oxygen, to smooth the small lines of expression and wrinkles and much refresh the face.

For the cleaning and the reduction of wrinkles on the face

Mix the oil of camphor and hydrogen peroxide (1:1), add the tool to the washing, 30 ml of mineral water. Apply evenly over the face with a brush for 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water. Must be used on the night.

Mask with badyaga

Dust badyaga mix with peroxide of hydrogen before the slurry is homogeneous. After the appearance of bubbles in the mixture, can be applied on the clean face. It is better to do it with a cotton cloth, rubbing the mass of the massage movements. Next to leave in 8 minutes, after remove the remnants of the mixture of pure cotton, wash with warm water. Just do this procedure 1 time a week.

Mask of avocado

With grape seed oil

In addition to the nutrients of the properties of this mixture has a bleaching effect. For its preparation it is necessary to mix the yeast with grape seed oil, mix well, add the hydrogen peroxide. Hereinafter, apply on face for 15 minutes, avoiding the area around the eyes. Wash with water of comfortable temperature.

The mask with yeast

Can be used for dry and sensitive type of person, without the fear of burns, as well as the yeast, responding with hydrogen peroxide to protect it. The components are mixed in equal proportions and apply on the face. Keep the mixture on your face should be no more than 10 minutes. For its preparation you need fresh yeast.

Mask of banana

Very suitable for the combined and the normal type of the dermis, complies with the wrinkles. Half of a ripe banana to use it with the cream, add 5 to 8 drops of peroxide and gently apply on cleansed face for 15 minutes. It is recommended to apply 1 time per week during 2 months.

With cosmetic clay

Such a mixture is recommended for oily skin of the face, as it cleans the pores, smoothes out small wrinkles. For its preparation should be mix the green clay with the dust badyaga, then add the hydrogen peroxide. Apply the mixture with the brush for 10 to 15 minutes, then wash by the water. Procedure make generally change, with an interval of approximately a month.

The mask of oatmeal

It is very helpful to this mixture to the aging of the person, as it contains vitamin E. hercules pour boiling water and leave to stand for 10 minutes. Then, 1 tablespoons of flakes to mix with the hot milk. Add 5-10 drops of the peroxide solution. All mix well and apply on the face with a cotton swab or a brush. Withstand 15 minutes, wash with water.

Cheese mask

Is well helps to the wrinkles. Mix the fresh cheese, fresh egg yolk, add the peroxide. Apply on the face and keep 10 minutes. If in the face has age spots, you can extend the procedure up to 20 minutes. Then, the excess remove the plug.

Mask of avocado

The avocado deeply nourishes, moisturizes the skin, smoothes wrinkles. This mask is recommended for women with skin problemtica. For the preparation you must use the cream of avocado with potato starch and add 10 drops of peroxide. Apply in 15 minutes, and then wash by water.



Hydrogen peroxide is a useful tool with a lot of positive properties. But he should be considered with caution: the dose, explore indications and contraindications. Incorrect or too long for the use of the solution to the face, wrinkles in the skin can cause severe burns, the different allergic reactions, excessive dryness of the epidermis. In addition, in any case you can apply the solution above 3%, to avoid the entrainment of liquid in the mucous membranes, used more than 2 times a week.

Contraindications and side effects

The solution of peroxide of hydrogen, like any other medication, it has some contraindications. The main of them – individual intolerance to the drug. It is also forbidden to use when the rosacea on the face and other parts of the body, the dermatitis, especially in the period of exacerbation, hypertrichosis (excess hair growth). With caution should be used during pregnancy and lactation. It is advisable to consult with your doctor.

Important! The hydrogen peroxide cannot be used against wrinkles around the eyes. It is only possible to wash your face with the gel or the tonic with the addition of the solution.

Of side effects may appear:

  • the dehydration of the epidermis, the violation of the intestinal flora after the cleaning of the person by the solution;
  • burns of mucous after passing on them the peroxide.

To avoid this, by keeping the dose of a medication and follow the recommendations.


The hydrogen peroxide to the face of wrinkles, without a doubt, deserves attention. The tool is very accessible – that there is in any home, and is competent for the application of the solution helps to solve the problem with small wrinkles in the face.