Wrinkles puppet: what is this, why they appear and if you can get rid of them?

Wrinkles marionette lines, and wrinkles – the variety of the changes of the skin in the aging process. Often, this defect gives the face of the woman is sad or unhappy expression.

The correction of wrinkles of the puppets

Such wrinkles of a puppet and why they appear

What is the curious name – the realization of an analogy with the doll-puppet. A characteristic of such toys that the chin and the mouth area visually separated.

The emergence of the problem due to the existence of the gravity of the earth. With each lived to the year of the skin increasingly loses its elasticity, descend down. The force of gravity form the folds around the mouth, and this is inevitable.

Causes of wrinkles-puppets of a few:

  • The habit of smoking. This addiction can speed up the process of aging of the person, therefore it is premature for calling it like the wrinkles of a puppet, and the others of their species.
  • The inheritance. Women, genetically inclined to the dry and thin skin near the lips, you can notice the wrinkles, even in middle age, far from old age.
  • The loss of the teeth. When they start to considerable difficulties with the teeth, the shape of the jaw can vary depending on the severity of the disease, which is form the folds around the mouth.
  • The drastic loss of weight. Diets that promise rapid slimming, don't pass without problems for the body. At the end of the test, the skin becomes flaccid due to the loss of its elasticity.
  • Weakness of the muscles of the face. If the person of the woman has a low tone, the gravity is much faster will begin to drop the skin down.
  • The constant working of the muscles of the lips. The singer and the other girls, the linking of his life with the active collaboration of the mouth, often strained in this area, which can cause early wrinkles of the tribulation.
  • The ultraviolet radiation. Soon the skin to dry epidermis, causing the appearance of wrinkles-puppet.
As eliminate wrinkles around the lips

Methods of fight against wrinkles of anguish"

Unfortunately, completely to reverse the process, which affects the appearance of the woman, it is impossible. However, there are ways that can influence the development of the defect and its visibility.

The correction of the skin of the face on which it is running as a long and complex path. The wrinkles may not disappear in an instant, but of the person, ready to fight for their own beauty and youth, they will necessarily have desired.

In the removal of wrinkles from the tribulation of all the methods are good. Using several options at the same time, you can get results much faster.

  • Procedure in the beauty salon. Plastic mask of wrinkles enjoys a huge popularity among women, and doctors of your name is a good alternative to plastic surgery. The person significantly transform performed on it operations and correction of filler will give the traits of clarity. The air of the cabin of a procedure able to rejuvenate a woman apparently of more than ten years.
  • The use of the media. Multiple masks are packed properly combined ingredients – slow, but correct solution of the problem. Are the second on the effectiveness of a method to get rid of wrinkles-puppet.
  • Revitalise. The best way to get rid of the first wrinkles – gymnastics for the person. To regulate the work will not be wait a pleasant result fortified the muscles of the face and the skin elastic.
  • Self-massage. This approach to the problem of toning muscles, contribute to the advance of the circulation of the blood, as well as to stimulate the drainage of the veins and vessels.
  • Plastic surgery. If wrinkles are deep and very visible, the traditional methods may not be impressive to act on the skin. The cardinal method of wrinkle removal – surgical intervention. It is ideal for women of advanced age who desire a more youthful appearance. However, with the proposal of the option of the struggle is worth it to be careful during operation, it may occur an allergic reaction.

How to fight wrinkles-puppets at different ages

19 to 30 years

Young girls are often sensitive to the problems of his appearance, therefore, even the smallest imperfection do not remain without attention. Get rid of the first rare wrinkles will help moisturizing creams, as well as natural mask. There will be more and correction of the power. Customers who want to about the ideal of the skin of the girls, you should reduce the consumption of:

  • Of bakery products;
  • Alcoholic beverages;
  • Strong drinks (such as coffee or tea);
  • The fat of the meat;
  • Sweets and carbonated drinks;
  • Smoked and roasted dishes.
Good nutrition

It must be remembered that the key to success is the quality of the food, including the consumption of the proper amount of protein, fat and carbohydrates. The body must receive the trace elements, otherwise, the quality of the skin runs the risk of corrupting at an early age.

Between 30 and 50 years

"Cast" the wrinkles of age is difficult at times. You should not give up to the correction in the division of the cabin.

There are women who are contraindicated the fight against wrinkles, because of the special times of life. Massages and masks are always relevant, but the procedures followed to "soften" the wrinkles may have contraindications. In particular:

  • The disease. The viral disease, or any other phase of exacerbation forbidden to perform the correction of the person. So the clinics to avoid the bad news of the results and of exposure of workers;
  • Pregnancy;
  • Low number of platelets in the blood;
  • Allergy to the drugs;
  • Period of consumption of thinning the blood the medications.

Permitted methods of disposal of wrinkles of the tribulation

As eliminate wrinkles around the mouth without resorting to the solution of problems in the classroom? Correction of the skin in the home, more an easy and affordable way.

Miracle of the mask as a way to rejuvenate the face

With the help of pilling removes the dead skin cells, which makes a person younger. After masks of berries and fruits, and the skin becomes more soft and vegetables of the mask, revitalize the person and give the skin a slight shine.

Ingredients of the mask The method of preparation of The time during which the mask should be located in the problematic area

½ Of the avocado fruit

1 teaspoon of honey in liquid form

the egg yolk

grind an avocado in the slurry;

mix the food until a homogeneous mass

15 minutes

2 tablespoons of gelatin

the hot water

the oil solution of vitamin E

mix the gelatin with the water and wait for the swelling;

add vitamin E

30 minutes
2 teaspoons of honey

a raw carrot

use the carrot;

mix the ingredients

20 minutes
the banana-size small

1 tablespoons of honey

1 tablespoons olive oil

an egg yolk

cut a banana;

beat the ingredients and beat until the dough is

20 minutes
The gym facial

Gymnastics facial as a way to get rid of wrinkles

The exercises are capable of smoothing for the manifestation of wrinkles and improve the muscle tone of the person. The regular classes and self-massage after the action to ensure a result in the shortest time possible.

  • Inflation of the cheeks (retention of air for around five seconds);
  • The compression of the lips in the tube (intensive execution of more than twenty times in a row);
  • Cancellation inflation of the cheeks;
  • Pulling the wrinkles of his line;

To achieve maximum effect "loading" the person should do after waking up and before going to bed every day.

The air of the cabin of a procedure for the correction of wrinkles-puppets

Get rid of the unpleasant a defect in the home and in the classroom. Cosmetic contouring can correct visible defects, without resorting to plastic surgery.

This method of removal of wrinkles-the puppets have the advantage over the massage and masks – the immediate result. There are specialized clinics, where for one or more sessions of folds completely warranty. However, potential customers often to think, what is the procedure you will have a better effect. To the demand, the operations are:

  • Botox;

Botox – a drug capable of blocking neuromuscular communication, which contributes to the relaxation of the active muscles. The skin is and wrinkles on the skin there is no trace.

The duration of the effect Pros Cons

8 months

High efficiency

Temporary marks of punctures

The immediate result
The security

The use of botox safely in acceptable quantities. However, it's worth the drug falling into the hands of the unskilled work of a specialist, you can expect any thing.

  • Plastic mask;

Plastic mask – correction of the person by means of the introduction of the injection. Procedure accompanied to fill the area beneath the skin filler. Therefore, the amount of muscle tissue recover.

The duration of the effect Pros Cons
Depending on the density of drugs. The most high is stored the result of two years, the lowest is six months

The result fast

Short the result of the possession of active facial or body
The security Temporary marks of punctures
  • Hardware the procedure;

Cosmetologa has an impact on the area and subcutaneous fat layers, which lengthen deeper. The specialists work in the rejuvenation and reorganization of the skin, and comes to the rescue of special devices.

The duration of the effect Pros Cons
The effect increases with each session (you can take two to eight visits) Quick recovery In the case of deep wrinkles, can not be effective
Improve the condition of the skin
Prevention of wrinkles around the mouth

Prevention of wrinkles around the mouth

And for that you are not faced with the problem of wrinkles-puppet, you should pay attention to your lifestyle and take into account a couple of rules.

  • No hard diets, the promise, the quick result;
  • The complete waiver of cigarettes and, at least in part, of the abstinence from alcohol;
  • The use of a variety of creams and masks, moisturizers of the skin;
  • Regular self-massage of the face;
  • The containment of active facial expressions.

Ways to notice wrinkles puppet is recommended, and during the struggle with a defect.