As remove wrinkles on the face: the most effective methods of

Wrinkles in the eyes of many the signs of aging of the skin. A representative of the beautiful half of humanity leading a relentless struggle with them, to maintain the smoothness and beauty of your skin. In this struggle, the question of "How to remove wrinkles on the face?" is urgent with age for any woman.

wrinkles on the face

Before you find out how to remove wrinkles on the face, understand why they occur

The wrinkles occur due to the folds of the skin. That appear on the surface of the skin of the face, neck, hands and other parts of the body. They contribute to the appearance of breakage and damage of the connection of the elastic fibers of collagen and elastin, which are two essential components of the human skin.

The natural processes that occur in the body, always contribute to the emergence of the age of the wrinkles. This leads to the loss of elasticity of the skin, the ability to retain moisture, the violation of its metabolic processes that occur in conjunction to the changes of the surface layers of the skin. Hence appear small and larger wrinkles.

The influence of the environment and harmful habits (tobacco, alcohol) also cannot be ruled out. Also in the layers of the skin are the muscles. They, naturally, are not proportional to the muscles of the hands or feet, for example, but the status of this group affects our skin. Thanks to the collagen produced by the cells themselves, you build a framework for the muscles that cross its interior. Therefore, it is difficult to answer the question: "How to remove wrinkles on the face?", without the consideration of the main reasons:

The expression wrinkles are produced due to the different lines of expression of the habits. As you wrinkle your forehead, squint of the eyes (most often the sun); a kind of manners to laugh - for example, some people tend to a drastic reduction of all the facial muscles to laugh. The timely adjustment of the lines of expression of the habits you can soften or eliminate wrinkles in the face.

A bad position of the head during sleep also contributes to early degradation of the appearance of wrinkles. For example, in the neck and chin high, the position of the head in the pillows, leaning on the chest during sleep. Therefore, you can remove some wrinkles on the face, applying the correct position during sleep.

The intense reduction of the total body mass contributes to the formation of wrinkles, as it stretched the skin does not have time to go back to normal and begins to SAG, covered in wrinkles. Therefore, in order not to ask the question: "As to remove wrinkles on the face?", competition enough to lose weight.

Some of the diseases borne of the category of infectious diseases, chronic violations in the nervous system and endocrine systems, women's organizations, gastro-intestinal diseases contribute to the weakening of the body's resistance, decreased elasticity of the skin, which leads to its contraction.

The natural factors of the appearance of wrinkles is a long stay in the sun and the wind, the temperature variations of the environment, the excess dryness and humidity of the air. Sizzling and smoky local lead to second-hand smoke, which is reflected in the skin.

The abuse decorative and products. Excessive feces and dust of the person to spoil it for any skin type, even the good. Since these two procedures, for example, lead to drying alternative of the skin and, therefore, the formation of wrinkles.

Age as a factor in the appearance of wrinkles. Natural the age of the withering of the skin begins with the third of a dozen of life. In the interval between 30 and 40 years of continuous growth, and its maximum is observed in 55-60 years. The loss of density and elasticity of the skin in the old age causes thinning of the subcutaneous fat, the reincarnation and the destruction of the elastic fibers, which, in addition, it leads to stretching and shrinking. The next moment is a leak of the zygomatic bone, the clear identification of throat in the form of wrinkles, chin augmentation, neck and back of the neck.

wrinkles on the face of the mask

As remove wrinkles on the face remedies

The main cosmetics can be necessary to supplement the means of folk medicine, so it can remove wrinkles on the face in the home. And the care of your skin, you have to start as soon as possible, thereby retaining their freshness and youth over a long period of time.

Naturally, the media is not subject to the total destruction of wrinkles. To restore the cellular structure, standardize the nutrients and the processes of oxidation, tighten the skin, this can contribute. Also regular and time of use will help to soften and reduce expression lines of the folds. Disposable procedure is, of course, are not very effective.

The natural oils of peach, olive, sesame, apricot, almond, flax, etc refer to the natural smoothing means. Periodically dig with the fingers of one tool over fifteen minutes in the skin. This will help to eliminate wrinkles on the face in the home. Paper napkins to dry the traces of oil. Also the oils are great for compresses and masks.

The juice of carrot, sour cream and the pulp of the grapefruit, taken of 1 teaspoon, mix and put on problem areas. After twenty minutes, rinse with warm water, after cleansing the skin of ice in the bucket. The sour cream and the pulp of grapefruit you can substitute the cottage cheese and the cream.

Another effective recipe for the pulp of a quarter of grapefruit mixed with the spoons of carrot juice, sour cream and crushed in a coffee grinder rice. Mix and apply on the areas to be treated. After thirty minutes, rinse and wipe the skin of the face, the juice of grapefruit.

Berries, grated cook the beans connect with the pulp of a ripe banana, adding a little lemon juice. Then, apply on the areas to be treated. After thirty minutes rinse. We recommend to repeat 2 times a week. Thanks to this mask, you can remove small wrinkles in the face in the home and improve their color within a month.

You can also remove small wrinkles on the face in the home, more exactly under the eyes, with the help of add to your night cream a few drops of castor oil. We apply it to only 2 times a week.

Slightly heat a tablespoon of dunk in the olive oil, and then by the convex part, gently massage the skin of the face. In particular, we pay attention to the problem areas along the lines of least stretching of the skin is the center of the forehead towards the temples, of the wings of the nose to the corners of the eyes, from the center of the chin to the ears. The duration of not less than 15 minutes. At the end of clean the skin of the decoction of mint or sage. Therefore, it can also be effective to remove face wrinkles at home.

Get rid of wrinkles on the forehead efficiently through the following mask:

  • paraffin;
  • parafino-butyric acid (7 g of spermaceti 3 g of oil-cocoa - 10 g of oil of peach - year 10);
  • spermaceti (sperm whale 6 g of paraffin wax 6 g of lanolin - 30 g of glycerine - 10 ml, vitamin A 3 g of castor oil - 70 ml min, the oil of apricot kernels - 40 ml.);
  • wax (beeswax, paraffin wax and lanolin in the same number).

Ingredients and melt in a bain-marie. Contact bandage or gauze, preliminary having put on several layers, obtained of the mixture. Press lightly and put in the front. When the mask is fully healed, the bandage carefully remove and wash the face with warm water. An effective way to remove wrinkles on the face in the home, carry out this procedure no more than 2 times a week.

paraffin mask

To remove wrinkles on the face in the home with the aid of paraffin of the mask, prepared in the following way. Heating 50 g of the wax of up to 50 degrees with the help of water of the baths, the addition of a teaspoon of cocoa butter and the same amount of beeswax. Carefully mix with a wooden spoon. Join a tablespoon of olive oil with a tablespoon of grape seed oil, a little gray, and abundantly the fat person. Of course, in advance of its purification. Apply on top of the oil layer through a tassel of several layers of the casting of the paraffin mixture. Then put the top food, that is the film, and the towel. After 15 minutes, remove, wipe the skin tonic, and the fat of a moisturizing cream. An effective way to remove wrinkles on the face in the home with the help of the paraffin therapy, should be 2 times in a week to carry out this procedure, from 10 to 12 sessions.

Smooth out the folds in the front by mixing two tablespoons of any natural vegetable oils, egg yolk and a tablespoon of oatmeal crushed. We put in the front and after 15 minutes washable with warm water.

Effectively to remove the wrinkles on the face at home will also help the next mask. Put in a plastic bag with two tablespoons of cream of milk, a tablespoon of brewer's yeast and the boiled potatoes (a tuber). All this we put in the front in the form of a poultice and keep 20 minutes.

It is very effective bee venom to eliminate facial wrinkles. It softens the skin, increases the blood flow in the tissues of the skin of the face and neck, which helps to effectively remove wrinkles on the face in the home. It also gives the skin a creamy texture and replenishes moisture, improves color of the face. However, he has contraindications, which apply only in a controlled amount to form the pharmaceutical dosage forms. For ointments based on bee venom has a restriction on the use of not more than 1 time a day, preferably before bedtime.

As quickly remove wrinkles on the face of the modern methods: the reliability, beauty and safety

In addition to household methods of fight against facial wrinkles, there are professional services of beauty salons. That's why the question, "how to get rid of deep wrinkles" can be set by a beautician, which inspects carefully the state of Your skin and collect all the necessary procedures. Such is the approach of the specialists of the beauty salon "Veronika Herba". We will briefly examine the procedures of facial rejuvenation. To indicate in advance that such a procedure will give you an excellent result in the coming years, only a global approach.

The laser rejuvenation of the face

Fractions of the impact of a laser beam in the epidermis of man is the basis of this method. In the working process, occurs the separation of laser flow in various awesome rays that act on small areas of the skin. These areas are located in the given depth. The rays evaporates from them, stimulating active brand-new cells: will begin to produce collagen and elastin. Therefore, not only can eliminate wrinkles of the face, but also to enhance the color of the skin, eliminate bags under the eyes and tighten the oval of the face. Recovery period is minimal. This method is the perfect complement after surgery or laser polishing the skin.


Thanks to this method it can eliminate wrinkles on the face and improve its color. The essence of the method is based on the introduction of special hyaluronic acid by using the original technology on certain layers of the skin. It is as well as occurs the procedure of mesotherapy and biorevitalizatsiya. However, apart from these invasive methods, non-invasive, is hyaluronectin of the person, an example of hardware of the methodology. Often gives more results with the injections, because in the process of realization of the procedure of the lack of fear of the client, before the needle. In addition, there is no trace after the injections, and the skin shining.

Botox against wrinkles of expression

This genetic of a drug to leave the office of a plastic surgeon is successfully transmitted in the cabinet of aesthetic. With its help you can remove wrinkles on the face, superficial and deep lines of expression. But there is a nuance: to the throat in the form of wrinkles and folds in the chin it little effective. This is because the botox blocks the transmission of nerve impulses in the muscle fibers, as if relaxing.

botox for the face

Also botox is often combined with hyaluronic acid, and therefore, can remove deep wrinkles in the face. This effect is maintained for up to six months. This type of procedure, it is best to let a beautician medical degree, you can pick up the cosmetic treatment for the small lines of expression wrinkles.

Bio repair

This procedure will help you to resume until the volume of hyaluronic acid to the restoration of natural processes in the interior of the regeneration of the epidermis. Even a session to improve the appearance of the skin, and thanks to the course can completely eliminate wrinkles on the face and regain the healthy aspect.

This method is based on the lie microinjected with the introduction of certain preparations containing hyaluronic acid, vitamins, proteins and amino acids. Thanks to the large number of components in the area, it creates the space necessary for the skin, which is absorbed into the blood over a long period of more than 14 days, which begins the natural process of regeneration of the dermis.


Thanks biorevitalisation can remove wrinkles on the face securely by means of injections of hyaluronic acid. This procedure improves the condition of the skin such as the face and other parts of the body. For example, in the area of the neck, forearms, etc Biorevitalizatsiya the hyaluronic acid makes the skin smooth, elastic, and regains its healthy color.


The procedure is based on the introduction of the special drug, which can eliminate deep wrinkles in the face. This happens thanks to rejuvenate and restore the skin from the inside through the injection, therefore, another name for this procedure is to injection redermalization.

In practice, it is known the efficacy and minimal side effects, thanks to which he received a wide application in the modern aesthetic medicine. With the help of it you can remove wrinkles on the face safely. This is related to the content of the drug known hyaluronic acid and succinate of sodium derivative of amber acids that enter the krebs cycle. They promote the exchange of substances that improve textile reinforcement of the breathing and exchange of gases, and also enhance the education of the energy. They are naturally rich in antioxidants.