Vertical wrinkles: what is it and how to get rid of them?

It is not a secret that wrinkles affect the appearance of the skin. Sometimes they appear so early that it still very young people seem to be older than his age, so that they often appear complex. However, this problem can be corrected, returning the skin to its youth. Very often women suffer from vertical wrinkles that begin to form after thirty years, or even before. Specialists have long studied this problem, and can help their clients get rid of these problems.

Purse string wrinkles

Vertical wrinkles: where are they?

The small folds of skin located vertically and that are manifest around the lips, and there are vertical wrinkles. Are perpendicular to the contour of the lips. The skin in this place is very soft, and there is often produce wrinkles. This problem usually occurs due to the natural aging process of the skin.

The formation of vertical wrinkles

The skin begins to vary with the age, since the body makes less hyaluronic acid. It breaks down the elastin and the collagen natural production of these substances is very, very slow. Suffers as a result of fat deposits fiber, the skin stops being elastic, elastic, is not enough toned.

Especially the aging of the skin visibly in the skin on the lips. Of course, this feature has its explanation. Circular muscle fibers of the mouth are not connected with the bones – and that is what happens with almost any muscle with a cloth. They bind to the dermis, and is strong to the load.

Important! Circular muscle of the mouth a steady decrease during the change of the facial expression, the movements, the conversation. C the age of the natural processes of regeneration of the skin decreasing. There are problems with the supply of blood to tissues regeneration.

With time, the body decreases the amounts of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, so that the skin can not recover. And, therefore, with time, wrinkles are formed. This is the true evil of women, since the lips no longer look as good and fresh as in youth, are clearly delineated.

The causes of the

It is clear that the main cause of the problems – age changes of the skin, the aging of the body. Sometimes, however, wrinkles appear even in young women, in the absence of signs of ageing. The reasons can be many, here are the most common:

  • it is a strong loss or weight gain;
  • a hereditary factor;
  • wrong use decorative cosmetics, the presence of toxins in cosmetics;
  • the hazardous conditions of the environment;
  • love to chewing gum;
  • malware the impact of the solar rays;
  • love the coffee and the tea;
  • Wrinkles
  • the bad diet, that diet is not enough minerals, proteins, useful micronutrients;
  • smoking;
  • activates the facial expression;
  • the disease of the teeth and of the mouth;
  • insomnia, lack of sleep, the lack of a good night's sleep;
  • permanent stress;
  • the use of funds for slimming with mild diuretic effect or diuretic for the treatment (this can lead to dehydration);
  • the consumption of small amounts of water;
  • night work;
  • the problem with the hormone by the thyroid gland;
  • gynecological diseases.

What to do with vertical wrinkles?

In our time, a beautician so developed, which can rejuvenate the skin at any time. The field of beauty provides services for all tastes. Popular producers produce different special complex of means that help to smooth out the wrinkles. In addition to the procedures and the use of various external medicines, you can use popular methods of fight against wrinkles.

As for skin care after the elimination of wrinkles?

The specialists advise to follow certain rules after the introduction of masonite, the introduction of fillers or the contour of the plastic:

  • you can not have an impact on the person of the heat;
  • there is no hot food, not to drink hot drinks;
  • do not massage the treated area.

Also negatively affect the condition of the skin can alcohol. All of these recommendations only of a general plan, the rest of the specialist will give you, having regard to the specificity of the skin.

Important! To prevent the return of the wrinkles, don't smoke and do not chew gum.

Well "erase" the wrinkles of the variety of massage techniques, a positive influence on the turgor of the skin. In addition to this, it is necessary to learn how to take care of the problem of the place. It is necessary to moisturize your skin, tone your. Now there is a large variety of masks, are simple to use. Contain substances that improve the condition of the skin around the lips:

  • the collagen;
  • the retinol;
  • vitamin complex;
  • exfoliating components;
  • hyaluronate.

The effect composed of these compounds revitalizes the skin. By the way, you can make tools and in the home, to soften the wrinkles and rejoice in its beautiful appearance.

Important! Be sure to use the means of protection that protect the skin against malware exposure to sunlight, especially if you're going to go in the solarium or suffer burns from the sun on the beach.

Also try to control your emotions: muscles in the mouth is not decreasing, if your life will be less stress.

Injections of beauty favorite of many women, because they are completely safe and rejoice to beautiful effect. In addition, you do not have to change your lifestyle to improve the appearance.


The best effect is given by the complex of techniques

Experience has shown that the best result in the elimination of wrinkles you may receive in case of combining the different treatments.

If you are going to use it correctly, for example, the Botox, lactate, and laser correction (if necessary), you can get the result, it will keep for a long time. Most of the aesthetic methodologies absolutely safe and does not require radical intervention in the body.


The specialists in the field of cosmetology recommended for skin care not only in clinical conditions, but also at home. So you will be able to achieve great advances in the correction of wrinkles. For example, you can enjoy the ice cubes that you should massage the skin. Another way of pinching at the skin with the bold of the cream before going to sleep.

Many ladies enjoy the blade for the massage, stroking of problem areas. This method will help you to get rid of Hot particles from the skin and give rise to normal the supply of blood to the tissues.

Good performing special exercises. This will allow you to tone the muscles and improve the condition of the skin.

Note! Various tools for your skin you need to apply on the lines of massage. Excellent activity affects the contrast of the stool.

Often, the clinic offers its clients correction-facelift-massage – absolutely not dangerous activity that improves the turgor of the skin.


A variety of exercises are not complex, but, with the time will result to remove wrinkles. It is necessary to learn to relax the circular muscle of the mouth and make sure the skin elastic.

You can try to touch the upper lip to the chin. It is also recommended to slowly call the other vowels, the exaggeration of the movement of the joint.

Specialists recommend inflating balloons, and whistle. Still, it would be prudent to take a deep breath, hold the breath in for 20 seconds, then release it to a portion. And, you can mark the air and to inflate the cheeks, "pulling" the air from one cheek to the other.

Spread a smile – stretch the skin on the lip and performs the tracking of the movement of the corners of the mouth. Make the lips puff, a bow and other atypical figure. It is necessary to make a minimum of ten repetitions of any exercise two times a day.


Is worth taking with a protection of cosmetic, and, if you have already faced with wrinkles or is afraid of their training. When the skin has already started to suffer from the natural processes of aging, use the stronger of the cosmetics. Although many manufacturers recommend the use of creams after forty years of age, it is more intelligent that everything is going to start at 25.

The sooner you begin to take care of the skin, with the expert help of the cosmetic, less problems related to the ageing of the skin. Keep in mind that the composition should include vitamins A, c, and E. also Helpful are coenzyme, glycol, antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, peptides, retinol, fatty oil, and collagen. Many manufacturers make the media, the action that aims at "erasing" of wrinkles around the lips.

Ice cubes

The ice is an excellent tool for toning the skin. He has a positive influence on the circulation of the blood, a consequence of which is improving the metabolism. And thanks to this, the skin becomes more healthy and disappear the wrinkle.

If you are able to prepare to dice with the addition of medicinal extracts of herbs – will be even better. In such a case, the ideal of this tool:

  • pound half of the buds and young leaves pass through a juicer;
  • add 1 tablespoons of olive oil;
  • shake, pour into molds for ice;
  • stop.
Home remedies

The ice bucket, clean the skin over the lip before and after sleep. The effect is actually a like it!

Popular ways to get rid of wrinkles

Mask with mummio

The composition of the Description
  • 2 tablespoons of mineral water without gas;
  • 0,5 teaspoons of semolina;
  • 1 tablespoons of sour cream;
  • 2 pills mummio;
  • 5 drops of wheat germ oil.
With the help of a mask can clean the skin, give it a little tone. Semolina dissolve in water. Deleted in the powder the tablet mix with the sour cream. Combine all ingredients and pour in the oil. The composition received to apply to the plot with the wrinkles and leave on for fifteen minutes, then rinse.

Mask of honey and cucumber

The composition of the Description
  • 0,5 teaspoons of any natural honey;
  • half of cucumber;
  • 1 teaspoon fat of the sour cream.
The skin around the lips is prone to dryness is normal. Therefore, it is necessary, in addition, nurturing your animal fats. If your skin is too dry, the sour cream can be replaced with cream, and when the normal skin, carry fat yogurt. Mix all the ingredients, chopped cucumber on a fine grater. Lubricate the plot of the chin to the nose, relax for fifteen minutes and washing water without the need of additional tools.

Note! You can, in place of vegetables you use the aloe vera, avocado, egg yolk, raw or carrot. If you don't like the honey, and replace the juice of the citrus fruits.

Mask for the elasticity of the

The composition of the Description
  • 1 tablespoons of gelatin;
  • 3 tablespoons of water;
  • half a cup of infusion of marigold;
  • 2 grams of mummio;
  • 1 teaspoons of honey.
Soak the gelatin in two tablespoons spoons of hot water and connect with the marigold. Then, add mummio, servant tablespoon of water, and then the honey. Apply the mask on 15 minutes, rinse off with water.

The prevention of vertical wrinkles

Ice cubes

Experts say that the best way to begin to fight wrinkles before they occur. Add in the diet of vitamins, food rich in essential trace elements. Eat fresh fruit, vegetables, fibres. Don't forget to drink enough water.

If you smoke, have, probably, with more wrinkles than the women, who are free from this habit.

The basic rules of prevention are:

  • in the morning and in the evening, wash your face with fresh water;
  • three minutes each day, rinse the mouth;
  • eat foods rich in phyto-hormones;
  • nourishes the skin from the sun — use sun creams, wear hats, less frequently attends a solarium, a child who is in the open field during the activity of "aggressive" of the sun (12 to 16 hours);
  • to clean, use a Terry towel, the better, if every day you are going to use pure;
  • do not eat foods causing early aging of the skin.

Make sure to get rid of bad habits and perform exercises for the face every day. Care of the skin using the means suitable to your skin, do not forget to wash the make-up. Regularly aesthetic, of the possibility and need to do a variety of treatments of the skin of the face. If you follow all these tips, vertical wrinkles time you will not be disturbed.