How to look 10 years younger: gymnastics facial anti-wrinkle

The fitness facial is a special exercises, which help to keep the facial muscles in tone. The creator of this load is considered to be a plastic surgeon from germany – reinhold benz. And continued his work in the american carol Maggio, that has invented a aerobics for the person". If all the days of providing 20-25 minutes of this training session, it is possible to prevent aging, get rid of wrinkles and the second of the chin. It is considered that its effectiveness in this gym can replace popular plastic surgery procedure — a facelift. It also eliminates the need for botox and other procedures. A further advantage fitness classes, facial can be arranged in the home.

the gym facial

The gym facial at home – 5 rules

Before you begin the training of the muscles of the face, you have to learn five golden rules of the gym facial. Without them it would be difficult to achieve the desired result.

The ideal age for the start of the classes is 25 years. After 30 years of gymnastics should be compulsory part of the face. The gymnastics is necessary to carry on a daily basis. The best way to do this is in the morning. In the gym plays a fundamental role in the regularity and a good technique. Before the start of the classes, select the appropriate course from the famous trainer and consequently follow their rules. It is not necessary from the first days of giving a greater pressure on the muscles of the face. It is better to move gradually from the lowest to the highest amount of exercise. Gymnastics facial should be carried out with clean hands. The skin before you start the training you must clear soft tonic.

The training effect will not be visible after the first session. The contour of the face to catch up to 15-20 days of daily workouts. Wrinkles will begin to disappear before the 2-3 months. Then the person that acquires such a pretty color and a brightness, and her cheeks are made more flexible.

Home gym anti-aging face, or As in 50 you will see in 35, before and after photos of the

Time ago which demonstrates a potent effect of anti aging, which gives the gymnastics of the face. Have developed many anti-age methods. Such that rejuvenates the gymnastics is done in stages. Different parts of the face slowly heat up and are listed in the tone.

  1. Forever. The index fingers together at the area of the eyebrows. Great are placed on the edges of the eyes. You get a circumference in the form of points. It is always necessary to close with force. Then, with the index fingers between the eyebrows are lifted upward. Expansion will also move upward, but on the side of the ears. The exercise is necessary to make about 40 seconds. The result: they disappear tumescent in the area of the eyes, the tone of the top and bottom of a century increases, rejuvenates the skin, removes signs of fatigue around the eyes.
  2. In the front. The thumbs are recorded under the cheekbones. The rest of the fingers, the palm of the hand is placed above the curve of the eyebrows. The eyebrow should raise and lower the fingers down, forming the resistance. This situation is set to 30 seconds, and then the facial muscles relax. The result: an effective prevention against wrinkles in the forehead, disappear, transverse wrinkle between the eyebrows, and longitudinal fold, it overhung the upper eyelids.
  3. Lower lids. The index fingers are placed under the feet of the centuries, unless the lash line. Then, you have to squint your eyes and lift the look max up. The face stretched forward, and shoulders back. You should see the resistance. Stay in this position for 30 seconds. Result: gradually disappear the dark circles and bags under the eyes.
  4. The cheeks. The index fingers press on the part that sticks out of the cheeks from the center. Lips very close to Full to the teeth. Now it is necessary to represent the interjection "¡qué asco!" — it is exactly what we do at the mention of something unpleasant. In this case there is that smile, but only in the central part of the lips, trying not to connect. The fingers should feel the movement of the cheeks. Do the same thing 20 times. The result is elastic, fit the cheeks.
  5. Of the nose. Bridge of the nose is around the index finger and the thumb. With the index finger of the other hand to the tip of the nose rises up. The upper edge of the strip down and keep us in suspense for a few seconds. Gymnastics of the nose 40 times. The result: the nose is in the tone, is not increased as a result of aging (which the nose grows your entire life – has proven fact).
  6. Corners of the lips. The lips firmly bite the bullet, its corners tighten toward the inside. Index fingers it is necessary to massage the skin up and down, hammering the corners of the lips. Massage of 40 seconds. Then, almost not opening the lips, to breathe the air and relax the muscles. The result: One of the obvious signs of the age – corners of the lips, sadly pointing down. This lack is easy to prevent and solve the problem, by doing this simple exercise.
  7. The volume of the lips. Index finger tighten the outer edge of the lips under the internal. The fingers of set "twisted" the lip for the center, and then crush its two sides. The result: lips that are bulky, flexible, and elastic, without the use of special fillers.
  8. The nasolabial folds. The lips are tightened as possible on the gums and will open in any oval or elongated shape of the letter "About". The index fingers are applied to the corners of the lips. Then the fingers move upward until the wings of the nose and lowered in the reverse order. The reference point of the movement – nasolabial folds of a fold. The result: the removal of even the deep folds between the nose and the lips.
  9. The contour of the face. It opens the mouth, the lower and the upper lip is pressed tightly against the teeth and wrap it on the inside. In such a situation, you need five times slow to open and close the jaw. Then, hold the mouth closed, to raise a little bit the chin up. Set a few seconds in that position, relax the muscles. The result: the precise contours of the range of the face of the line of the jaw, the release of the double chin.
  10. The neck and chin. A hand is placed on the neck and tighten a bit, the other leaning on the wall. Head up and smile. After this, the language of stretching the tip of the nose and push of the wall. Repeat the movement 30 times, keeping everything in constant position. Exercise 30 times, turning the head to the left and 30 times to the right. Result: improves the contour of the chin, the jaw, pulled neck and disappears from the second chin. Before and after photos you can convince even the most avid skeptics, that the gymnastics for the face is not a loss of time, and it is a good and rejuvenates the burden to the person.
how to do gymnastics for people

The gym facial, Anastasia b. – 13 exercises against wrinkles

All of these techniques offered in the training of Anastasia b. he noted that the lesson "Super person". It includes 13 exercises. By the time that they occupy a total of 8 minutes, two times a day. In the last instance, of 16 minutes, to make a person young, beautiful and in shape.

Through 2-3 months more effective that rejuvenates the methodology of bodø is palpable and, in particular, in the face. Wrinkles will begin to disappear, and the skin of the face and neck smooth, without folds, the outline of the face to catch up. The eyes, the lips, the line of the cheekbones will be more expressive, there signs of rosacea. In the movie Anastasia – a detailed guide on how to properly do the anti-aging of the gymnastics of the face.

Techniques of gymnastics for people abound. Its developed well-known coaches, and enjoy a great success among all those who want to preserve the youthfulness and freshness of your skin. It's so easy – 20 minutes of gymnastics in the face and no botox.