The consequences of customers and the use of botox against wrinkles. Contraindications

Why only the procedures and methods are not according to the women, only to remove the faces of the hated wrinkles. All women want to look younger, regardless of the age that she was not. Today we're going to talk about one of the most radical means of getting rid of wrinkles – botox.

the procedure of botox

What is botox against wrinkles, what are the consequences, the customers and the contraindications for this procedure?

What is colloquially called botoksom is the botulism toxin protein source, produced by certain strains of bacteria.

The skin of the face is directly related to the muscles, and if, as a result of the application of botox the lines of the muscles are blocked, the epidermis returns the loss of elasticity, wrinkles smoothed.

After the conclusion of the injection of the drug, the transmission of the nerve impulse to the muscles stops, it produces the relaxation, but muscle atrophy does not occur, as the blood supply is fully functioning.

This drug has another name – dysport. But, in essence, is the same, just different manufacturers (botox is a u.s. company, disport — the French brand) and a small difference in the amount of active substance in the vial.

Where did the botox?

The first references about it were like on the poison, which caused the paralysis (as the infection occurred when the consumption of cured meats, toxin called botulinum, Latin for "sausage poison"). However, in the future, the substance was updated in accordance with the scientists and have improved the chemical properties as a result of the changes in concentration.

In this way, the toxin has been applied for medical purposes for the treatment of patients with neurological state, for the solution to the muscle spasms and seizures, then, and in ophthalmology to correct the strabismus and the release of ticks. Then called attention to the fact that in the places of the injections of the skin became soft and botulinum toxin (botox) has found its use in cosmetology, as a medicine against wrinkles.

The truth, like any medicine, there are certain effects of the application (there is, by the way, and negative for the customers) and the contraindications.

The main prohibitions before the procedure of application of botox:

  1. For a day or two is prohibited the consumption of alcohol, the provocative appearance of bruising.
  2. It is recommended to cancel the reception of antibiotics or blood thinners, which can lead to the appearance of bruising.
  3. Advise not to perform the work or procedure that the head of an extended period of time, stoop (massage, dry cleaning, ironing clothing), as well as the circulation of the blood in the area of the face increases, and produces the risk of the product being distributed unevenly.

Before you apply boteks wrinkles, it is important to clarify the possible consequences. The customers and the contraindications of this method of rejuvenation of the need to analyze beforehand.

as the procedure

As the procedure

The patient was placed in the chair being reclined. Perform the treatment of the skin antiseptic. Then, under the skin or into the muscle (depending on the area where it is injected) with the syringe with a needle injected the drug.

The injections are made fine needles, so that the entered number of the toxin is considered to be the number introduced units into the syringe for calibration of the unit).

The dose of the drug is conditioned by the age and sex of the person, and also depends on the thickness of the epidermis and the areas where there will be an injection of power metric of the muscles. The men are introduced, the more concentrated the dose, to women, as well as, the muscle mass is bigger and heavier. Patients with thick skin are also fed a greater amount of botox than those with thin skin.

The dose of the botulinum toxin in the area of the eyes is lower than in the area of the forehead or the space between the eyebrows, due to the proximity of the eyeball, and with less strength of the muscles.

For the duration of the procedure is 3 to 5 minutes. After the puncture of the skin surrounding ice in 15-20 minutes.

The consequences of the application of boteksa of wrinkles

The sensations of pain

To get rid of wrinkles botoksom anesthesia, as a general rule, does not apply. But the pain threshold is individual, so at the request of the patients applied the topical anesthesia: on the skin put cream with anestetikom.

Shortly after the procedure, you may receive a bit of discomfort – the feeling of carrying the weight of the muscle. These sensations are held during 1-2 hours.

That is not possible immediately after the injection

In no case can touch the places of the injections, and flex their.

Some time ago, you can not be in a horizontal position, to make sport. In the course of the week should be excluded from the diet alcohol and the impact on the hot body of the procedures (sauna, Turkish).

What is allowed after the injection

You can operate the machine and quiet to go to work.

For not brought him to frustration, throughout the day, it is necessary to tone the muscles of expression lines.

Through how much time is visible the result of the

In some people, the visible result already in the second, the third day.

The maximum effect is achieved after two or three weeks.

In what situations the application of botox has the greatest effect?

The application of this medication, you can get rid of:

  • wrinkles the forehead vertical wrinkles,
  • horizontal in the front,
  • the wrinkles in the back of the nose,
  • wrinkles outside of the eyelid.

And here's rid of the throat in the form of folds, deep wrinkles on the neck, the botox can't. To the solution of these problems should be addressed in the complex.

For what age is appropriate to the procedure

As a proof-reader of wrinkles, drugs boteks authorized to its use for cosmetic purposes in the age group of 18 to 70 years of age.

But, in order to eliminate the undesirable effects (useful to read the comments and take into account contraindications), as well as to obtain a good effect of the proceedings, the best of the age, with which it is worth starting to do these injections, it is considered the age of 33 to 35 years, when the turgor of the skin begins to lose its elasticity.

After 55-60 years the procedure you need to go very carefully and cautiously, because it increases the risk of side effects.

the application of botox

What need of re-applying botox in the future

This need arises, but in most aspect. If, after the beginning of injection, the effect lasts four to six months, after a prolonged period of time of application of the saved, and already before the year, but it is more.

After stopping use of the drug, the effect gradually comes to the reduction, and the movements of the muscles are back to normal. One advantage is the fact that disappears, and the same habit of the house, and move the eyebrows, which is the one that leads to the appearance of the expression wrinkles.

The consequences and side effects

The procedure by the injection of a drug boteks effectively the fine lines and wrinkles (numerous comments), and the cases of complicated consequences directly have no relation with the composition of the drug. Arises, if a poor site chosen for the injection or input mode, picked up wrong dose, do not take into account the contraindications, or have not been observed sterility.

Often complain of:

  • I started to feel pain in the area of entry of the drug (approximately 1.3%),
  • headache (5%),
  • sensation of numbness at the site of the injection (less than 1%),
  • allergic reactions ( 1%),
  • the swelling of eyelids (1%).

Rarely complain of nausea. In addition, if the drug is introduced in excess, the person may appear with the effect "mask", however, with the time (3-4 months) all of this is happening.

If there are contraindications to the injection? Any intervention in the human body, even this simple procedure, as the injection of botoksom of wrinkles, has consequences. Clients, contraindications must be taken into account by the patients.

Thus, contraindications for the procedure:

  1. The procedure does not make people with a diagnosis of myasthenia gravis (muscle weakness), hemophilia (slow blood clotting).
  2. Also, the procedure is contraindicated during pregnancy and during lactation.
  3. Still fall under the ban of the patients with skin disorders and chronic diseases of the lungs, kidney failure, all diseases in the state of relapse, as well as older people with soft tissue problems.

The cost of the rejuvenation procedures of the botoksom

Often the demand of injection in the area of the folds of the wrinkles in the forehead and in the outer corners of the eyes.

It is effective if the botox in the treatment of hyperhidrosis (excess sweating)

The botulinum toxin prevents the impulse not only in the muscle tissue, but also in the sweat glands, reducing, therefore, the process of sweating.

After administration by subcutaneous injection of botox for sweating is stopped on day 3.

the result of the

The result of performed the procedure, which lasts for a year. Temperature Control for the body that is not broken, and the use of the drug, even though it leads to a better state of the skin: skin becomes more hydrated.

As well as the injection in the palm of the hand, the foot of the feet, and axillary cavity cause the most pain, then, before the procedure the skin covering the composition with analgesic.

The procedure of botox against wrinkles, regardless of the consequences, the customers, the contraindications is widespread, and use it not only for girls and women, but are increasingly resorting to injections of beauty and men. Basically, it's about artists and people of show business, because the person is the success rate.

In summary, it should be noted that to carry out the procedure of getting rid of wrinkles from botox injections, to which she did not provoke the complaint, and had no serious consequences, should only go with licensed and tested salons and clinics positive for the reputation and feedback, and remember the contraindications to the procedure.

Trusting users for non-experts to understand (who can forget the purity, of the correct dosage of the drug), it can dispossess of health and beauty.