How to fix the eyebrow wrinkles

Brow wrinkles can appear even in young women. This is related to the genetic and active facial or body, as well as by the lack of specialized care nursing. There are many solutions to this problem, such as in beauty salons, and at home.

as to remove a wrinkle between the eyebrows

Causes of the occurrence of

Wrinkle between the eyebrows is horizontal and vertical. The furrows occur due to the frequent manifestation of discontent and malice. Then as a transversal appear when the frequency of the surprise. The latter is less frequent.

At an early stage may be visible only when active movements. If the cap is visible in a static position, and then get rid of it will be more difficult.

After 25 years of the girls or the production of collagen decreases and the turgor without proper care becomes desiccated, which leads to the appearance of the first "crow's feet".

The causes can act frequent smoking, the position under the scorching sun without sun protection factors, stress, wrong lifestyle, poor diet and lack of vitamins.

The total of the dryness also implies that first wrinkle, that skin need more special care.
The continuous use of poor quality cosmetics for personal care and for the application of makeup also has certain effects.

Beauty treatments

You can fix the problem for a couple of sessions of the aesthetics. But it must be thought of in a responsible manner to the solution of this question. Pick a specialist of your business, instead of searching for the lowest price. Otherwise you may become deplorable consequences.

Hyaluronic acid

The hyaluronic acid naturally present in all human tissues. With age, its concentration decreases, and the person begins to squeeze. In the halls of procedure of the injection of hyaluronic acid in the top of the popularity.

At this time it is the most secure means for the filling of the grooves. Less of such a procedure in the necessity of its repetition, once or twice a year.

Entered the medication evenly smoothes stretch marks, stopping the moisture in the cells. Stimulates the production of collagen and elastin.

brow wrinkle botox


Botox does not fill wrinkles as hyaluronic acid, and relaxes. Inject botox more than once a year contra-indicated. Also in the hands of a professional of the injection will be virtually painless and safe for health. After 9 months the medication you are removed from the body. And the customer is left without botox, so the procedure must be repeated.

Botox can write to women who are pregnant, if you are hypersensitive to the drug, it damages the skin and diseases of the dermis at the site of insertion.
The effects may appear the next day in form of swelling, the omission of the eyebrows, the immobility of some of the muscles.


The event consists of the influence on the cells of the buds of light of a given length and frequency. Photo-rejuvenation can eliminate pigmentation, acne, normalizes the production of sebum. Flashes of light, heating up the cells and contribute to the development of collagen in the deep layers of the dermis.


Injections of vitamin — the procedure is quite painful, but effective. After a course pass the acne, the inflammation, the skin becomes soft and velvety. After 5 procedures, can be cleaned up with a dozen of years.

It produces the production of collagen, strengthens the natural protection of the skin, prevents inflammation.
Injections of vitamin you can apply it all over your face as in some areas.

Managed of the eyebrow folds in the home

Allow the procedures are the same as prevention, and an excellent way to combat wrinkles between the eyebrows. You should not underestimate the tourist care of his person. For example, the mask is an excellent prevention of occurrence of wrinkles and the filling of the cells of the necessary elements.

The mask

This mask can be used actively after 25 years, when the skin slowly begins to lose its natural and youth, and she requires support. Also, in addition to prevent aging, a mask that protects the skin against uv radiation.
The yeast is better to take beer, or in the briquettes. Dry yeast do not use.

allowed methods

Steam the face and do not keep the mask on longer than 20 minutes. When there is strong disagreeable sensations, rinse the mask.

The recipe of preparation: dissolve the yeast in the warm milk until the state of dense sour cream, it will be convenient to apply on the skin. Leave the mask not less than 15 minutes.
Necessarily at the end of the procedure carefully apply the nourishing cream and easy to do self-massage.

Mask with olive oil

The olive oil is used in cosmetics, as it is a source of vitamins. It is important to take the cold-pressed olive oil in a glass bottle amber, so they retain all the beneficial properties.

Mix 15 ml of olive oil with a couple drops of vitamin E (you can buy it in any pharmacy). Apply an equal layer, keep on for 10-15 minutes.

The mask of lemon juice

You will need olive oil and lemon. Mix the lemon juice with the oil in proportions 1:1. The mask to use not less than 10 minutes.


The mask of the oils to tone and nourish the skin. That are added to creams, shampoos, tonics. It is worth noting that the natural and the essential oil can not be cheap, you must take this into account and buy from reliable suppliers.

Also the essential oils are prohibited to use in pure form. You must dilute basic.

The recipe of the mask with deep wrinkles

10 ml of wheat germ oil, avocado, jojoba. Add 2-3 drops of the oils of rose and sandalwood. For the best effect of the mixture heating in a water bath.
The course of the application of a mask of two weeks. Use twice a day, morning and evening. Apply on the face leave for 30 minutes, the excess moisture with a towel.

mask against wrinkles

Homemade cream with oils

You will need a tablespoon of cocoa butter, a teaspoon of olive oil and bee's wax, and a spoonful of mint water.

Melt the wax in a water bath and pour to him the rest of the ingredients. The cream is stored in the course of the week on each segment of the capacity, in the refrigerator. Use in the evening.

The patch

The patch of wrinkles operation is very simple. He sticks to the problems of the area, in our case, between the eyebrows. And is fixed there for a time.

Using his mimicry with this patch does not work, and finally the muscles relax, having remained in its natural position. Regular application of this patch will help you develop a habit, and his mimicry because it's not going to damage the beauty.

This method is quite simple and does not have any kind of consequences. The result can be seen already after 3 treatments, and small wrinkles smoothed out after the first.

Paraffin wax

The paraffin has magical properties, is often used in the preparation of the hands to manicure. The skin becomes soft and velvety. The same thing happens with the skin of the face. You can buy paraffin at a pharmacy or specialty store. Heat in a water bath, it is important to understand that the temperature will be acceptable. Otherwise, it can cause burns.

The wax mask

You'll need 20 grams of wax, two teaspoons of sunflower oil and dry a pinch of ground ginger. The paraffin heat in the oven or in a water bath and mix with the other ingredients. Apply a layer before it is completely dry. Normally, the process takes 25 to 30 minutes.

The gym facial

Quite an effective method that allows, without intervention to restore and maintain the elasticity of the epidermis. In fact, in the face of the same muscles throughout the body, so why do we not train ourselves, and we hope, when you need the shot?


Fold the fingers of the knuckles knock of the eyebrow to the upper part of the hair. From the forehead towards the temples. Repeat this exercise with a circular motion 3-4 times.
The area of the cheekbones also it should work. From the cheeks towards the temples to repeat 3-4 times, as if the siege of the cheekbones.

Exercises for the forehead lift

Place the ring finger and the little finger on the eyebrow. And the index and middle finger on the front, this way you will avoid the face of the person. Try lifting the eyebrow, to move together. Feel the tension. It trains the muscles of the face and cleaning up the eyebrow wrinkles.

Exercises for the brow folds

Place the index fingers on the eyebrows, slightly tight. Now raise and lower the eyebrow. Due to the resistance of the fingers to the muscles to be trained.

Prevention measures

exercises for the face

Prevention can act on all the landlords of the methods of fight against wrinkles. Mask, massage, oil, patches. It also plays an important role good nutrition and the regime of drinking. With the lack of vitamins and moisture of the skin is not able to compensate for the deficiency of collagen, even if they meet all of the procedures.

Methods of prevention:

  • Massage;
  • The mask;
  • Sufficient consumption of drinking water;
  • A proper nutrition;
  • 3 stages of facial skin care: cleaning, feeding, hydration;
  • Qualitative, cosmetics for care of the skin;
  • The mode of the day, sleep not less than 7-8 hours;
  • The lack of stress and more smiles;
  • The control of their corporal expression;
  • Do not forget to apply the cream not only in person, but in the hand, the area of the neckline, the neck;
  • The shells are a great tool in the fight against aging and problemtica.
  • Selection of cosmetics according to skin type and age.
  • And what's more important to be harmonious and happy woman.