Eyebrow wrinkles is not a sentence

The appearance of wrinkles forehead wrinkles is unpleasant aesthetic problem to a woman of any age. In the first place, this defect occurs in people with a "live" mobile facial or body of the person. First fold barely perceptible, but with the passage of time they become more visible, when the skin loses the elasticity of the former. Fortunately, there are a lot of effective ways of fight against wrinkles between the eyebrows.

Wrinkles between the eyebrows

Why are the wrinkles between the eyebrows

The main cause of the emergence of problems — labor-intensive of the facial muscles in the upper part of the face. Have been formed between the eyebrows wrinkles can be vertical and horizontal. Vertical crease appears to result in too much active of the facial mimic, intensely to express discontent or anger. This defect is also known as "the wrinkle of anger." Horizontal creases are observed less frequently, usually appear due to the habits of the frequency of lift of the eyebrow. The causes can be multiple, however, there is often, but very deep.

Also the eyebrow wrinkles are divided into static and dynamic. The first are visible only when the woman performs certain movements of the facial muscles (to the agitation, at the time of the malice, or in the period of strong concentration). The seconds are present even if the person is in a state of rest.

The first age of the symptoms associated with this problem may manifest after the age of 25. To 40 years of production of collagen is considerably reduced, and, in the absence of regular maintenance, the creases between the eyebrows can be profound. It is at this age such as wrinkles are normally converted to dynamic and static, be displayed even when a relaxed state.

In addition too active the mimic of the face and of the natural changes of age, there are other causes for the appearance of wrinkles between the eyebrows:

  • the deficiency of vitamins in the body;
  • the frequent exposure to the sun's rays on the skin.
  • the regular visit of a solarium;
  • unbalanced diet;
  • it is wrong to hydrological regime;
  • bad habits (consumption of alcohol and nicotine addiction);
  • the inappropriate use of makeup products;
  • permanent sleep enough;
  • the stress and excitement;
  • the abuse of salty, sweet and bitter coffee.
The patch for the fight against the eyebrow wrinkles

How to get rid of the problems

Whatever the cause of the appearance of wrinkles between the eyebrows, with the same drawback can be and should be fought. To do this, there are a lot of ways to varying degrees of effectiveness. You can visit of aesthetics, of resorting to the plastic or to combat wrinkles independently, using the "home" of the methods.

We can fix wrinkles in between the eyebrows at home

How you can fight wrinkles without the need to visit the salon simple and accessible to all women. Many of the very effective means. In the first place, we advise you to begin to follow your own facial or body. This applies especially to the young people of the individuals. Just try not to frown! And already after a couple of weeks you will surely notice the change, if the wrinkle is not too deep.

The patch as a tool for struggle against defects of

The patch, perhaps, the easiest way to deal with facial wrinkles in the forehead. It was used in the nineteenth century of the actress, that it is important to demonstrate to the viewers perfectly plain to the person. The principle is simple: the patch is pasted in the area between the eyebrows, with a fold of the smooth. If the woman does not begin to frown — it feels slight discomfort. Therefore, acquire the habit of following facial or body.

Today progress took a step forward, began to be sold special patches that help to combat wrinkles. They are usually made of paper and adhesive the base is made of vegetable elements. The result of the application is that the patch fixed the muscles between the eyebrows and in the control of his mimicry. We recommend that you use this method, which pastes the device on all night and during the day (walking from the house of 3 hours). The effect will be visible fairly quickly.

Wrinkles between the eyebrows

Homemade recipes: face masks, ointments, oils

There are a lot of cosmetic products, which you can cook yourself or buy in the pharmacy, to fight against wrinkles. In the first place, it is a mask to "tighten" the skin and give the effect of smoothing out wrinkles in the face. Let's look at some recipes:

  • Honey. 150 grams of liquid honey melt in a bain-marie. Then, mix it with water (3 tablespoons) and the alcohol (3 teaspoons). Let it process the mass to cool and placed in the area between the eyebrows. Relax with a mask on the face for 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water.
  • Strawberry. 200 grams of ripe strawberry cut up to the state of the slurry. Add to it 0.5 tablespoon of olive oil, the liquid of the honey and the broth of chamomile. Apply the mass in the wrinkles between the eyebrows for 15 minutes, then remove the mask with the help of wet cotton disk.
  • Sesame. Heat a small amount of sesame oil, using the method of water of the baths (do not bring it to the boil). Apply the dough on the face clean the face with a brush. Leave the mask in an hour, and then remove the tool from a tissue.
  • The. It is cheap and easy-to-use mask. For cooking 1 tablespoon of yeast, pour the warm milk and let it sit for a bit. After that, apply the mass of the person, focusing on the bridge of the nose. Keep the mask on your skin for 30 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

Natural helpers in the fight against wrinkles — essential oils. This should be mixed with a standard. Very effective are characterized by a composition based on vegetable oils, with the addition of these substances, such as frankincense, lemon, rose. One of the more popular recipes below:

  1. Mix 15 ml of the oils: avocado, wheat germ and jojoba.
  2. To add to the composition of 3-4 drops of esters of incense and wood of rose.
  3. Apply the tool on the face in the area of deep wrinkles.

It is known that the concentrates can cause allergies or burning the skin.

An interesting fact.

A help

Modern beautician offers women the mass of technologies that help restore the appeal of the skin of the face. Among them, mechanical and chemical peeling, the procedures, and, of course, different substances and preparations that are injected under the skin. The last method is considered the most effective available today.


The punctures of the expression wrinkles between the eyebrows

There are a lot of options, "injection of beauty", which allow to eliminate brow wrinkles. The most popular of them the following:

  • hyaluronic acid;
  • Botox;
  • filler;
  • self-fat;
  • vitamins.

The introduction of hyaluronic acid in the skin — salon procedure that is observed in the highest demand. The fact that this substance helps to fight the wrinkles (of different shapes and depth). Hyaluronic acid, falling into the problematic area of the skin, provides deep hydration. Reveling of life-giving moisture, the dermis toned, becomes firmer and more elastic. In parallel, it starts the process of regeneration of the skin cells of the epidermis are actively restored. Therefore, it achieves the effect of eliminating wrinkles.

Botox injections are not less popular today. Another name of the substance — the botulinum toxin. This tool, in fact, is a poison. Only at the end of the last century have been studied amazing beauty properties of Botox, and since 1995 he has been actively applied in the correction of the different types of wrinkles, including wrinkles in the forehead. The drug enters the crisis of the plot with the help of ultra needles. After the injection of the muscles are temporarily paralyzed, and in this state of relaxation, skin is smoothed. The effect of the injection is visually noticeable as the next day and lasts for about 9 months.

An interesting fact. In the western countries, the introduction of Botox under the skin it is called "dining area" procedure, since it takes less time. Simply select the gear in the living room of time, you are going to give to the lunch hour.

There are several unwritten rules that you should follow the fans of the Botox injection. You can not do the procedure for the introduction of the botulinum toxin under the skin more than once a year. It is also important to ask for the services of kosmetologicheskuyu clinic and not in the reception of the "house" of a wizard.

In addition to Botox on the market there are analogues of the substance. Your application contains other dose-when performing the procedure. They are also different and the price of introduction of the different medications.


Another type of subcutaneous injections — introduction of so-called fillers. These fillers are used in the outline of plastic. The procedures based on them are normally conducted after the Botox injections for the fixing of the effect (approximately two weeks). Filler are drug-based hyaluronic acid. They provide the "filling" of wrinkles, which was almost immediately after the injection. Plastic mask — single procedure, the effect after the celebration lasts about a year.

Another interesting aspect of "flat beauty" — introduction to the problematic of the plot of self-fat, that is to say, the own fat of the patient. In the salons of this procedure is known as lipofilling. The fat is extracted from areas of the body where it is spare, with the thighs or the abdomen. The specialist does a puncture of the skin, by carrying out infiltration with the special help of the solution, and then removes the fat substrate clumsily-the end of the needle. After a special treatment self-the fat is injected in the area of the skin that is going to be corrected.

Procedure done under local anesthesia, through a half-year repeated. Keep in mind that after you perform the procedure, we observe a strong swelling of the face, which is especially noticeable in two-three days. He disappears completely after a week.

Injections of vitamins also help the wrinkles of the forehead wrinkles. Introduction special vitamin complexes under the skin has received the name of mesotherapy. To the effect that it is necessary to perform several injections their number is determined by the doctor. Injections of vitamins occurs a violation of the integrity of the skin, which can bring the development of infections and a variety of complications. Probably the appearance of bruising and swelling. After the mesotherapy of a couple of months you can not take the sun and walking on the sun terrace.

When you select the type of injection to eliminate wrinkles, forehead wrinkles, be sure to consult with your doctor on a cosmetologist.

The gym and the face-building

As to combat wrinkles, can act as fitness classes special to the person. There is the concept of face-building, which involves complex of exercises aimed at the release of this issue. This type of "fitness" for the person allows to prevent the apparition of new wrinkles in between the eyebrows, and also make less visible those that are already present. In addition, face-building helps to strengthen the skin, improve the tone and eliminate the swelling.

The person is, in reality, a clot of muscles. Also you can train, as is our body. Many of the hollywood stars pay equal attention to the exercises for the facial muscles, such as classes in the gym or in the pool. Combining face-building with the traditional methods of skin care, you will be able to achieve good results in the fight against wrinkles.

Before the gym facial, follow these steps:

  1. Remove the makeup with the skin using family to the media.
  2. Clean the skin of the face tonic.
  3. Apply a thin layer of moisturizer (if you have dry skin).

Now you can start the loading of the facial muscles. Arm yourself with a mirror with a diameter of about 30 cm and perform the following exercises:

  • Firmly slide the eyebrow, but it should not prevent the formation of folds between them. To do this, flatten slightly with your fingers. Repeat the exercise 5 times.
  • Place the fingers of one hand on the face to form a triangle. The middle finger should be above the bridge, index — in the beginning of the left eyebrow, and without a title — at the beginning of the right. The middle finger of the other hand to place at a point near the beginning of the growth of the hair. It is soft, but intense click at each point, at the same time stretched the skin between the eyebrows upward.
  • Place your elbows on the table, keep your head straight. The fingers of the hands, put perpendicular to the front. With care, pull the skin upward, taking care to align the creases between the eyebrows. Close your eyes and slowly slide the fingers over the skin side down. Do not frown and do not let the head drop through the hands. Exercise for 5 seconds.
  • Place the fingers of the hands through the center of each of the eyebrows. Sharply, pull up, try to frown. Counting to 5 and then repeat steps in the opposite direction.

After the gym facial is necessary to re-clean the skin with real water or with the micelles. It's as important as showering after sport. The tension of the muscles through the pores the products are displayed side, from which you should get rid.