The mask of starch: application, tips, the use of the

The mask of starch is not a wizard of wrinkles, but the remedy nutrition and moisturizer to the skin on the face. Compare the results after using this therapeutic composition can be botox injections.

The mask of starch

The advantages of the mask:

  1. When you use often eliminates the wrinkles, crow's feet;
  2. Can be used in place of the cream.
  3. Re-hydrates the skin and improves the condition of the person.
  4. The nutritional composition will help to achieve the effect of the youth.
  5. Tense the form of the face.
  6. It is harmless to the skin.
  7. There are No allergic reactions.
  8. No expensive production.
  9. It is easy to use.

Note: they are contraindicated in the mask that has wounds in the face, severe skin of the disease.

Difference of botox

To compare the efficacy of popular methods injection techniques correctly. The masks that are used in the home, affecting the upper layer of the epidermis and have a short validity period. To maintain the rejuvenation / the should be used the treatment of the media constantly. In the breaks, in between treatments, it is recommended to apply on the skin cream wrinkles.

Botox is a medicine for injection the needle is inserted intramuscularly, is used as a non-surgical method of rejuvenation. The mask and the botox different effects, but the same goal. Botox slows down the process of nerve signals in consequence, the skin is smoothed. And starch concentrates in the upper layer of the epidermis. The main advantage of the mask in the fact that thanks to our long list of useful substances is effective and completely safe.

What vitamins it is rich in starch:

PP – improvement in the condition of the skin.

C – stop the aging process.

B4 – removes excess oil from the skin.

K – hydrates the skin.

The use of

The use of starch in place of botox already recognized by many. The mask is absolutely harmless, and are suitable for any age. The sweeping effect after three to five procedures. With his help, the treatment of the face becomes more clear, will correct the deficiencies, without damaging the skin.

Recipes of masks

Many of the masks with ease, you can apply in everyday life. The only differences in the ingredients, but the base of all the odin.

Important: the Base for the masks serves 1 tablespoon of starch and 1/3 cup water.

  • A tablespoon of powder placed in the container, and place it in the small fire;
  • dilute the starch in a small amount of water slightly warm, and warm until dissolution of the chaplet to the divine mercy;
  • heat to boiling the soil in the glass of water and pour the mixture prepared, stirring constantly;
  • turn off the gas stove, a post that the mass thickens.

Note: the Mixture does not boil to a simmer. Destroyed the useful components of starch.

Cooked the mask stored in the refrigerator. For the preparation of a full therapeutic value of the composition on the basis of adding the useful components.

The sour cream and carrot juice

Need: skin-fat sour cream, carrot juice.

  • In the classic finish of the mask, add 1 tablespoon of sour cream;
  • prepare carrot juice and add 4-6 tablespoons in a small bowl;
  • mix all the ingredients and the mask of the list.
Mask with botox effect

The mask improves the condition of the skin, fine lines and wrinkles, nourishes and hydrates.

Note: do not forget to clean your face before you apply any type of cosmetics.

Nourishing egg yolk

Used: egg yolk, any vegetable oil.

  • In the prepared with starch, add the egg yolk;
  • 1 tablespoon of any vegetable oil;
  • leave the mask on the face not less than 20 minutes, and rinse with water.

The mask is used to hydrate and nourish dry skin.

Salt scrub

Composition: milk, salt.

  • In the starch add the soil to the glass of milk;
  • pour 1 teaspoon of the salt;
  • put on the half-hour, massaging lightly the skin of the lines of massage.

The mask is used to improve the appearance of oily skin.

With tea tree

Applied: protein, tea tree oil.

  • Let the egg whites until the state foam;
  • use 1 teaspoon of tea tree;
  • mix the mixture prepared in starch;
  • add the tool on the problem areas, including wrinkles and black spots, and after you rinse after 30 minutes.

Mask for problem skin rid of rashes.

With kefir

You will need: a protein, kefir.

  • The starch is mixed with the same proportion of kefir (at your discretion);
  • add 1 egg white and mix until you have the state of foam;
  • apply the cleaner on the skin, remove the person to get through 15 minutes.

The mask refreshes the face, eliminating signs of fatigue.

With tomato

Ingredients: egg yolk, tomato, sunflower oil.

  • Take the pulp of tomato and add in a bowl;
  • add an egg yolk and stir;
  • then, you need to tablespoon of starch and sunflower oil.

The mask of hydration of the skin.

With a banana

Ingredients: banana, cream of milk.

  • Make in the blender, puree plantain;
  • add in a bowl with an equal proportion of starch;
  • after, use a homemade cream.

Add skin elasticity and fight wrinkles.

With peach

Ingredients: milk, oil of peach.

  • The starch mixture in the salad bowl with an equal proportion of the milk;
  • add 1 tablespoon of pulp of peach.

Mask with a pleasant aroma of the hydration of the skin, rejuvenates, refreshes, cleanses, tones, removes puffiness, improves the color, the appearance of wrinkles.

With the protein in the eggs

Ingredients: protein lemon.

  • Add 1 tablespoon of starch;
  • mix with 1 protein;
  • to enhance the effect and add a couple of drops of lemon.

Perfect for oily skin tightens and reduces pores on the face, reduces the number of comedones.

With the honey

Required: the salt, the milk, the honey.

  • 1 teaspoon of salt mix with 1 tablespoon of starch;
  • dissolve with the hot milk;
  • in the annex add a tablespoon of honey.

The fight against wrinkles.

Milk for sensitive skin

Composition: oil, milk.

  • In a teaspoon of cornstarch and the milk is hot, add the vegetable oil;
  • bring to the consistency desired;
  • after using the mask, use a night cream.
The mask with the starch and the kfir

The mask has a sedative effect on the delicate skin predisposed to irritation.

Lemon tool to reaffirm the skin

Components: protein, lemon juice.

  • Connect in equal proportions of the base of the mask and the protein in the salad bowl;
  • add a tablespoon of lemon juice
  • apply the therapy of the composition on the face, rinse after 15 minutes.

Visually tighten problem areas.

Bleach scrub

Ingredients: 1 tablespoons of lemon juice.

  • The starch and the juice mix, so that no lumps;
  • Cover with the mixture of the face in 20 minutes;
  • rinse with water and apply a soothing cream.

Has a relaxing effect on the muscles of the face, removes the tone.

The combined therapy of the composition of

You will need: * a pinch of salt and baking soda, 1 teaspoon of the tool for washing (has to be adapted to your type of skin), 1 teaspoon of mineral water.

  • Add a finished starch-based tool for washing and mineral water;
  • after, put the salt and the water;
  • apply on the face of the line massage;
  • rinse with warm water.

The skin gets smoothness and elasticity.

Hydrogen peroxide

  • Mix the starch with a tablespoon of peroxide;
  • apply in the areas of the face;
  • after half an hour rinse the tool with warm water and the lemon juice.

Suitable for the normal and the type of fat in the skin, cleanses, anti-inflammatory effect, eliminates blackheads.

Medicinal use

You need: ½ of the tomato pulp, egg yolk, ½ tsp olive oil.

  • Remove the pulp of tomato;
  • mix with the egg yolk and the starch;
  • pour the oil;
  • leave to act for 15 minutes.

Help sensitive of the face, nourishes the epidermis, wrinkles, skin relaxed.

Of the wrinkle with a whitening effect

Ingredients: banana, equal to the proportion of starch and cream (at your discretion).

  • Mix the banana and the starch;
  • stir warm cream;
  • applied to 15-minute drive away.

Ideal for the area of neck and décolleté. After the application of the face will be a little lighter and get rid of the wrinkles.


The mask with the starch and the lemon

You need: 1 egg yolk, 1 tomato pulp, a couple of drops of vegetable oil.

  • The pulp of the tomatoes turn into mush;
  • mix together the starch and the yolk;
  • add a few drops of vegetable oil;
  • leave on the skin for 15 minutes;
  • after you delete the use to children of the cream.

Includes a multitude of vitamins and oil solves the dryness in the face.

Prevention in every day

Ingredients: 20 grams of cream of milk, 1 banana.

  • Bring the banana up to the state of the slurry;
  • then, add the heavy cream and the starch;
  • apply several coats, since that is the method most fast-drying;
  • let finished layer half-hour.

A pleasant scent adds to the weakness. And the banana will help in the restoration of the aging of the skin and a shine.

The rejuvenating effect

Composed of: 6 grams of honey, a pinch of salt.

  • Mix the honey and the starch until you get the shades of white;
  • add chopped salt;
  • keep on the face for about 25 minutes.

Such healing of the mixture used asian girls, do not have white skin is famed for the tone. For the ingredients you have benefited, you should use a mask a minimum of a week.

Note: If the skin there is a burning sensation and the redness, the mixture should be remove from the face of.

For sensitive and dry skin.

Components: a little bit of milk, almond oil.

  • Mix the starch and the almond;
  • add the hot milk;
  • leave the contents in the face of 15-25 minutes.

The skin receives supplementary feeding.

For a lift

You need: 25 grams of yogurt.

  • Mix the ingredients of starch and kefir;
  • leave the mask on for 30 minutes.

The skin will find its place it has gone in the wrinkle.

The purification of the exfoliation

Ingredients: 1 pinch of salt and baking soda, mineral water, a bit of foam for washing.

  • Mix the starch with the foam for washing;
  • add mineral water;
  • improve the composition of the soda and the salt.

It will help you to get rid of blackheads and acne.

To solve the problem of sin

You need: 1 teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide.

  • Mix the starch with lukewarm water;
  • add a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide;
  • bring to a thick consistency;
  • leave the mixture on your face for 20 minutes;
  • rinse with water with the addition of lemon juice.

The frequent use of the will help you to get rid of freckles, age spots. spots.

It must be remembered

The mask, homemade, help to eliminate wrinkles, substitute to expensive salons with unpredictable results.

The mask with the starch and tomato
  1. Starched mask to rejuvenate the skin with its effect is comparable to the botoksom.
  2. Eliminate the crow's feet.
  3. Smooth out the skin tone.
  4. Rejuvenate with the help of vitamins.
  5. Put on several layers for a better effect.
  6. Wash only with warm water.
  7. Do not use masks, if you have scratches on the face.

Choose either the recipes and don't forget the regularity of their use. Allow the procedures do not have damage in the skin, and the care and solve the problems.