What is fractional laser resurfacing?

pros and cons of fractional skin rejuvenation

Women always want to be beautiful: feel admiring looks and stay young as long as possible. However, as a general rule, shortly after the age of 30, the first age-related changes appear, which bring many problems: wrinkles are noticeable, the complexion changes, and the skin looks porous and rough.

Today, to remain attractive, it is not at all necessary to resort to the help of plastic surgery. Modern laser technology is capable of providing perfectly smooth, wrinkle-free skin.

What is fractional laser resurfacing?

Fractional laser resurfacing has replaced traditional laser resurfacing, which has long been one of the most popular and effective cosmetic procedures.

However, as you know, rejuvenation had its own side effects: pain, a long recovery period, frequent complications, etc.

Today, laser resurfacing has entered a new stage - modern devices allow you to achieve an amazing result, moreover, almost painless and uncomplicated.

How Fractional Rejuvenation Works

This technique is based on the ability of lasers to activate recovery processes through increased collagen production. When applying the procedure, the laser acts fractionally, that is, pointed, alternating the treated and unaffected areas in a checkerboard pattern. In this case, regeneration occurs in all areas, as even those that the laser has bypassed are involved in the recovery process. As a result, a new collagen structure is formed: the elasticity of the skin increases, its texture is leveled, wrinkles are smoothed, stretch marks and scars disappear.

In practice, this rejuvenation does not usually last more than 30 minutes. The session can be repeated in a month.

The course is selected strictly individually, based on the type and condition of your skin, but, as a rule, there are no more than 5 procedures. During this time, 5 to 10 years are visually lost.

Immediately after fractional rejuvenation, a slight burning sensation may be felt in the treated areas. The skin in these areas is usually a little red. Do not worry, as this phenomenon does not last long, only a few hours, after which it passes without a trace.

In the period between sessions, the use of cosmetics, including decorative, is allowed, but it is desirable that they all contain moisturizing substances. There are few restrictions at the moment, but they should not be neglected.

  1. Do not expose your skin to aggressive sunlight,
  2. don't go to the solarium,
  3. do not use whitening masks,
  4. do not swim in chlorinated water, do not go to saunas and baths.

The result of carrying out the required number of procedures usually lasts two or more years.

At what age is laser resurfacing needed?

This rejuvenation has no age restrictions. It can be used by both young women to get rid of acne, and women after 30 and 40 years, to maintain the required level of collagen.

Fractional laser resurfacing, prices.

The cost of such procedures largely depends on the level of the salon and the professionalism of the beautician.

When choosing a place, be very careful - overly attractive prices should alert you. The fact is that the equipment with which the course is carried out is not cheap, so the price cannot be low.

Fractional laser resurfacing, contraindications.

This procedure is absolutely contraindicated during pregnancy and the baby's natural feeding period.

Its use is also unacceptable during any acute illness, as well as during the exacerbation of chronic processes.

A serious reason for the refusal of a specialist is herpes rash and the presence of diseases of the circulatory system.

You can talk a lot about fractional rejuvenation, but people who have experienced the impact themselves will say their best about it. We invite you to read their interesting reviews.

Fractional laser resurfacing, reviews.

Review number 1

The fractional rejuvenation procedure was performed three times. The process was not very pleasant for me: my face ached, there was slight swelling, the skin tightened and reddened. But after a few days I felt the hated wrinkles starting to disappear quickly. It's been 5 months and now I look amazing! It's great that laser technologies have appeared to prevent surgery.

Review number 2

You cannot imagine how upset my own appearance caused me when the first thing I saw in the mirror was the pronounced vascular networks on my face. And over time, their numbers also began to increase rapidly. My daughter recommended the fractional recovery method to me. We visited various centers with her, selected a qualified specialist, and got down to business with her. I completed the entire course - 5 procedures. As a result, I got rid of the annoying problem and deep wrinkles. The skin looks great.

Review number 3

For a long time, the problem of acne caused me a lot of problems, not so much physical as mental. I tried a large number of treatment methods, but it turned out that it was all to no avail. Everything changed only when he underwent a treatment with a laser beam. There were some unpleasant sensations, but a slight tingling sensation cannot be called pain. I am 100% satisfied with the result!

Review number 4

At the age of 16, without hesitation, he got a vulgar tattoo on his shoulder. Naturally, over the years, his appearance began to provoke disappointment and to suggest how stupid and funny she was. My wife convinced me to see a fractional rejuvenation specialist. It was hard to believe in a positive outcome, but I succumbed to persuasion; after all, thanks to this specialist, in her years, my wife looks many years younger. Now I have no regrets at all - no tattoos or scars.

Review number 5

Immediately after my 30s, noticeable wrinkles began to appear on my recently young face. I tried to get rid of them with masks and all kinds of creams, it's useless. Somehow, on its own, there was a desire to go to a nearby cosmetology center, where a kind and caring consultant explained that such a problem can be easily solved with the help of fractional laser facial rejuvenation. Inspired, I made a decision. The procedures turned out to be a bit painful, but bearable. After completing the full course, I strictly followed all the doctor's prescriptions and the result was amazing: not a trace of wrinkles remained.