Like manage wrinkles under the eyes: all forms of

Below are described all the means of modern cosmetics before hardware, in which you can eliminate wrinkles under the eyes. Methods enough for any women to choose care according to their needs.

as eliminate wrinkles under the eyes

To begin with, we will try to respond to the exciting and for many, the question: "Can reduce expression lines, wrinkles under the eyes?"

To eliminate these shortcomings are actually easier than the wrinkles of age, as the mechanism of onset is very different. Wrinkles appear as a result of the contraction of the muscles. Remove the emotions, not frown brow, not narrow, the eyes and the skin become soft and smooth. Of age of the same wrinkles organic changes in the skin, breakdown of collagen and elastin fibers. Another question, the wrinkles of expression with the time "fixed". The skin loses little by little its capacity of recovery and the "breaks" in the areas of greatest tension. So that the folds in the skin that appear as a result of the active mimicry, it should be understood as a forecast for the future and, therefore, it is necessary to begin to act. For the correction of wrinkles you can use any of the methods listed.

As fix wrinkles under eyes: home remedies

The most popular will allow you to in the process is that the masks and compresses. Recipes – a large crowd, among them it is possible to find their, those that are ideal to your skin. The effective ingredients of the wrinkles that can be included in tasks of the mask, honey, egg yolk, oil (olive, apricot) and aloe juice. All of them are, in fact, are natural cocktail of vitamins and active nutrients that enrich the skin, making it more dense. Powerful natural antioxidant is spinach, cinnamon stimulates the circulation of the blood, non-acidic fruits and vegetables (bananas, peaches, cucumbers) – moisturize perfectly, and the parsley and raw potato allow for a good lymphatic drainage and reduces circles around the eyes. Home remedies can be very effective, the main thing is do not be lazy to do the procedure regularly, do not invest time in the preparation of the masks, which, of course, is very modern women.

Like manage wrinkles under the eyes with the help of makeup

It is important to clarify that remove wrinkles, or reduce existing ones) with the help of make-up is very difficult. More chances of success for those who are focused on preventing such changes, and begins to care for the skin of the eyelids, no later than 21 years. And that is what we offer to professionals:

  1. Creams, serums, gels. Despite all of these differ by their texture, their main task is the same: they play a major role in the care of the skin around the eyelids. Their effectiveness depends on their content in active substances, so that when you select a cream what is most important – read the composition, and not the advertising or the description of the manufacturer. Components that comply with the wrinkles, this is: hyaluronic acid, micro-collagen, retinol, vitamins A, E and c, natural analogue of botox, which "freezes" fold of the epidermis.
  2. The mask. The manufacturers did not so often provide a mask for the skin around the eyes (still is a prerogative of the care home, where you can prepare quickly and use). However, in the rules of professional cosmetics you can find this type of product, if this is really is not cheap.
  3. Gel patches to the skin around the eyes to moisturize, relax, tone, make the skin more firm and elastic, and, although not contributing to the solution of the already existing deep wrinkles, quite effectively prevents the appearance of new, and in a single session, they are able to smooth the small lines of expression of the wrinkle.
  4. Lotions, tonics, and milk. Normally they are designed to remove makeup, but keeping in mind that the creams should be applied only to the well prepared and clean the skin, you can apply for them, and for the preparation of a century to new offered.
as eliminate wrinkles with exercise

Like manage wrinkles under the eyes? Exercises

Through exercise you can not only simulate the oval of the face, but also prevent the appearance of wrinkles, one of the causes of the appearance of which is the loss of the epidermis tone and elasticity. Exercises contribute to the creation of trust "skeleton" of the superficial layers of the skin, force you to strengthen the muscles of the upper and lower lids, to reduce the "crow's feet" and longitudinal wrinkles under the eyes, improve the tone of the upper eyelids. All exercises assume the caliper of a specific area with the fingers, and then the movement of the eyebrows or eyelids. For example, to get rid of the "crow's feet" it is necessary to fasten gently with the tips of the fingers, the skin at the top of the century (on the edge of the cavity of the eye), close your eyes and keep them in this position for a while.

How to reduce wrinkles under the eyes with the help of massage

It is a way efficient enough for the persistence of the women, ready to perform the daily work. The advantage doubtless of procedure, it is not something that you have absolutely no contraindications, and can be performed at the time of applying the cream, previously how you should prepare the skin (cleaning, easy application of gel for a better gliding). You can do basic movement, such as Pat and strokes, and can resort to the japanese shiatsu massage, influencing on acupuncture points. It is also very useful for the massage of the eyes with cold water.

Like manage wrinkles under the eyes in the beauty salons

The air of the cabin procedures, which include surgical techniques, an injectable, the hardware.

Surgery refers to the surgery.

Injection methods:

  1. The injections of botox. A neurotoxin does not act directly on the skin, but which allows the circular muscle near the eyes to relax. This is the method that allows you to "delete" are already available wrinkles around the eyes.
  2. Mesotherapy - under the skin by the needles is introduced specially designed medications that contain vitamins, hyaluronic acid, collagen. The dose microscopic. A feature of this procedure is that the active substances fall precisely in the troubled region.
  3. Fractional mesotherapy – injection technology of administration of the drug under the skin that involves multiple punctures microscopic. The last in the as of small, that the procedure is virtually painless and can be performed without local anesthesia.
  4. Plastic mask. Under the skin will introduce the special preparations - filler (usually based on hyaluronic acid), filling the area under the skin. It is a method developed for mature skin.
  5. Biorevitalizatsiya – injection of hyaluronic acid. The mesotherapy this method differs only in the composition of the medication.

Hardware methods of elimination of wrinkles around the eyes is microdamages of the skin, which allows to execute the processes of regeneration and growth of new young cells. Today, the halls offer the following services:

the air of the cabin of the procedure
  1. Chemical peeling exposure of the skin acids. In fact, in the skin forms a burn, after which it intensely the epidermis is renewed. For the delicate area around the eyes, there are special formulations.
  2. Muscle toning is the exposure of the skin to electrical, which forces the muscles to work and executes the processes of change. Apparatus for miostimulyatsii can buy for use in the home.
  3. Photo-rejuvenation – the exposure of the skin to boost the light. In the area below the eyes, this procedure is not performed, but is characterized by a complex activity, so that the wrinkles under the eyes after fotorejuvenescencia decrease.
  4. Laser skin rejuvenation – the impact on the epidermis of a mesh of laser beams, imposed by a single-point thickness. This initiates the regenerative processes in the skin, stimulates the production of collagen.

The only method that does not involve any damage to the skin is a hardware massage. Massager, stimulating the blood circulation in the area around the eyes, favor the reflux of the lymph, strengthen and tonic to the delicate skin around the eyes, fully available for use in the home.

It's also worth to mention about the oxygen-ozone therapy, which is widely used in cosmetology, it can even be used for the recovery of the skin around the eyes. In the troubled region introduces oxygen ozone mixture that improves circulation, eliminates puffiness and dark circles.

As we can see, the methods that are used in beauty salons, are fast (although with the small invasive), and physical therapy. The first involve certain risks. Before resorting to the injection of correction techniques, you should weigh well.

Of course, these methods can and must be combined intelligently, in function of the existing problems. For example, injections of the botulinum toxin is not worth performing, if the skin around the eyes swollen. First you must prepare, with the help of hardware of the massage and mesotherapy, which will improve the circulation of blood in this area, and to avoid complications after the introduction of botox. In addition, there are a lot of nuances, as after botox can I receive kompensatornie of the wrinkle in the corner of the eyes and the nose (since the circular muscle of eyes is blocked in the same place, begins to gather on the other). Those moments, it is also necessary to take into account, therefore, pick up an optimal programme of habitat in which the procedure, only the competent expert, after a careful inspection.