The pillow wrinkles on the face

Each night we slept. And every night in the dream, we take the same poses. This situation is repeated for many years.

Naturally, the lines on the face, once open during sleep, each night will deepen and become more resistant and visible.

Why in the sleep wrinkles appear?

The orthopedic pillow
  • Sleep on your side. If you usually sleep on your side, wrinkles appear in the places where more folds. Lying on the cheek, pressing down on the skin, which may not partake of resist and begins to wrinkle.
  • We slept in the stomach. In the neck moving of the epidermis: extends from a side and is compressed with the other.
  • We slept in the back. It is the best option in terms of the formation of wrinkles - there is no contact of the pillow with the skin, in the skin of a person does not feel pressure.
  • It is considered that the dream in the back has a positive influence on the condition of the skin. The most important thing here is that it reduces to a minimum the surface of contact of the person with the pillow, with the consequence that there is no pressure and they do not form the lines of the folds.
  • Premature wrinkles can appear from what is wrongly adjusted the pillow wrinkles.

What is the "pillow of wrinkles and how it works

Women who feel that in the fight against wrinkles are only effective intervention in the functioning of the natural processes of the skin, are completely wrong.

Plastic surgery, botox or rejuvenation treatments will not take effect, if at night, the skin will collect in folds. The wrinkles of the pillow of your "no" all the high-cost treatments.

Only sleep on the pillow let you get rid of unwanted wrinkles. The pillow is able to deal with the stench of wrinkles for a short time.

This wonderful pillow?

  • it is a form of the letter "N", that is to say, it has a special form;
  • in the interior are placed fillers special, for example luzga buckwheat, rind of cedar, or of silk;
  • in the interior is placed a thin copper wire.

Feature of pillows for wrinkles

  • The pillow on the basis of buckwheat husk is able to repeat the form of the head of the person. During sleep the skin of the face is subjected to a massage. Luzga is a pyramid with sharp edges, gently massage the face. In addition, it should be noted a pleasant aroma, calming. It similarly works shell of cedar.
  • Silk pillow symbolizes abundance. But, in addition, the material is so tender, that it is not able to cause harm to the skin of the face.
  • The pillow of the innovation type. The invention of this miracle attributed to israel scientists. The pillow is not only a preventive measure against wrinkles, but are and, in particular, is capable of ridding a person of these manifestations. Thanks to its unique shape, the contact of the skin with the pillow is reduced to a minimum. And copper wire on the inside, it contributes to do to straighten out the skin. The conclusion is that the skin of the face, thus releasing the copper ions, activates the process of collagen production. And collagen, as is well known, contributes to the preservation of the elasticity of the skin and slows down the process of the formation of wrinkles on the face.

In a mattress to sleep comfortably. The folds and even the wrinkles in the front of the pillow are able to disappear little by little.

In terms of its benefits and the dignity?

  • form the habit of sleep from constantly being in the back;
  • prevents the emergence of that is not going to grow at the double chin, remains tense in the oval of the face;
  • in the area of the neckline manages to avoid wrinkles and folds;
  • decrease the "line of dream", formed during the dream in the belly and sides;and
  • the muscles of the neck to stop getting tired, it will form the correct posture and a straight spine.
The pillow

As a consequence of this effect on the muscles and the spine, in addition to smooth wrinkles in the face, the more faithful will be the name of "orthopedic pillow wrinkles".

The correct use of the innovation of the pillow

To achieve the maximum effect, it is necessary for the correct use of this pillow. If you sleep in the back, the shoulders should Balk at the base of the roller.

For the neck designed a special slot. The head feature of the greater part of the pillow.

If you sleep on your side, the person that have to the left or to the right of the cavity. The chin lie on a cushion for the neck. The front is supported in the main part.


After reading the exposed information, we will try to summarize.

Get rid of wrinkles on the face and get the secret of eternal youth is a dream of mankind. Modern medicine can extend this period.

And can we think that, for as long as possible, not aging, and to maintain the freshness and the youth in the face?

Simple rules will help you achieve success:

  • try to sleep on your back. If it is hard, at least change of posture, and often revolve;.
  • take care of your skin, make masks;
  • to use modern inventions, such as the innovative cushion the wrinkles.

This is real, this is possible and it works!